Saturday, April 30, 2011

we all love a party

Yes, i believe we all do!
and smiling and especially laughing makes you live longer - er, its been researched that those who shop for things everyday live longer too.
And in the future men will live longer and i think women a little longer too.
so in essence it is believed HAPPINESS makes you live longer...
what produces that Happiness?  we will judge a few people who lived long lives without much complications on the illnesses side - the Queen Mother, The Queen, Prince Phillip, oh dear, my list is drying up...there are many.
But tell me, ALL named who can be listed are in the upper economic bracket, and research shows that the disadvantaged etc, are sicker and live mostly shorter lives than those who are priviledged.

We have the research and we have the resources to keep people happier and living well and less stressed lives.
Medicine has advanced, technical aids for disabled people have advanced.
Occupational Therapies and physiotherapy techniques have advanced too.
Along with all the information in the world on best nuitrition and best practise on the living of each day.
Good sleep, nuitrition, avoid stress, laugh, exercise and relax.
all research reveals the present known elixor of life and living.
How many attain this, and why?
my hyposisis being, lack of money, lack of family and service support and a lack of willingness to share the burden and load, lack of volunteerism and lack of charity, unselfishness and all that named 'stuff' and many reading this know all this in bucket fulls.
Tell me how a person who is disadvantaged can attain the same equality of standards as the elite, well i say, never.
EVer.  Even the amount we can attain is beginning to be worse despite all the research and advancements in the past decades.  We all KNOW what it means to have a good life, a purposeful life and a happy life.
we all know how science can make huge improvements to daily living for those who are disabled etc.
we all know that money and lack of support is the root of the evil of being unable to attain our best, to utilize our best qualities and to have a purpose, a role and a fulfilling life.
Smacking against us all is for many, stigma, lack of money and certainly never lack of wish, will nor wanting to get to that mini elixor, and i say Mini for none with a disability have huge expectations, but some have dramatic wishes and aims.
when you become disabled, you absolutely know without question, the difference between the 'haves and the have not.'
And also how you work through going to the theatre with a hearing and mobility impairment and do not have access to a van or car?
How can you get that medication that will help with the pain when your insurance in America has run out or your claims to insurance are refused for the slightest suggestion that you have enough money to but it alone or whatever.
How do you get that child to school if you are deaf, using a wheelchair, without a van, car a christian or other, helper.
Daily the struggle exists.
Lack of money leads to lack of services - and when there are some services they are less than professional and under a huge weight to economise on their giving etc, as here in Ireland.
Lack of money always in situations which are severe say in health terms automatically leads to stress, anxiety and increases pain thresholds, sleepless nights, flare ups of chronic illnesses etc.
Many are thinking how they can keep their homes, and many are still looking for ones as twin and i are which will accommodate our needs, that is on limited resourses in money terms and support terms, and the services in Ireland our HSE is now being run down or is being shut down slowly but in essence it shut down at least a half a decade ago or more.
To think of the disadvantaged in Africa and also east europe, some parts of america and such is adding to the mix that without the money and the support, the children who are deaf are still tied to trees in the dessert and let die, seriously that is so.
and with all the advances in medicine and research we are going back to the cave man mentality, if a burden 'put away' and also the Innuit custom of giving an older person enough to eat for a certain length of time, closing up the entrance to the igloo and moving on to the next place to find food etc and the elderly die in this way.  this is accepted or was.  For it was the survival of the fittest.
Tell me can anyone answer this one - why have we done all the research, spent millions and billions on researching the why and how people can have a happier life and die at an old age after a quality life when those who need the research findings so badly even to get on the first rung of the ladder to attaining just that which is advocated.
we have to get real.
far more will have to recognise that the divide stays with us for ever through the millenium but also with knowledge and brain expansion we should realise that if we are intelligent in any shape or form one has to help out the less fortunate and the disabled. in tiny sherds of ways,  put back a beautiful piece of pottery sherd by sherd and do as much to reveal the beauty of the pattern, even if the vessal cannot hold the wine, the person is the revered until the end of that persons life.
do we realise this or want to help a disadvantage person in the community.
a sad fact is NO.
anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.
to kick the teeth in too, of sick people and disabled persons is a scandel beyond forgiveness, to undermine what is left of that person is an evilness of intent to do just that for no reason.
to ignore too is an evilness especially if religion of any kind is important to an individual.
and mottos of Action not words' remains as useful as all the research that show the how we can be happier and live longer, words are useless.
end of rant, but lets take up the battle cry for better services first, for all on the ground trying to get on the first rung of the ladder.
Voices please, Action please and the world will be a 'happier place'

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