Friday, March 1, 2013

Irish Disability cuts

I want to understand what is going on here...

present at a pre-budget petition and requests to Kathleen Lynch at the Mansion house last year, she told us, (disabled) that we were in hard times and the following day we heard the unthinkable, Personal Assistance would be axed.

we rose up with the red card.

then came the promise of Enda to a woman with no limbs that under his watch no cuts in disability funds would be made.

he too lied.

he lied to this woman.

further cuts were made and more besides.

these people face us, face to face - hard people with callous minds and ways of delivery.

Kathleen Lynch does not 'agonise'  she wasnt agonising at the mansion house when she knew bloody awful news was going to be delivered to all of us who are disabled, within the next 24hrs.

she looked into space and was there in that place as a public relations officer, to hear us and yet do something different for us.

we again have the same Kathleen Lynch who took a question from the floor from my self and she said to my twin sister that she would help.

she met my twin sister, promised a response to a document my twin presented to her, almost six months later she never even acknowledged the meeting, yet alone deliver a response.

we both ring her secretary who tells us 'no further meeting' would be envisaged.

this is the type of response disabled people are getting.
the gloss facade, the fake.

you also have another sort of evil going on, within the HSE.
i will say the HSE can fund a disabled person a PA and yet say in the same breath that no person was to enter the disabled persons home until this disabled person is medically risk assessed!
yet the hse is actually FUNDING the PA to this disabled woman.
this disabled woman has fought hard and long, over a year to have her name cleared.
in the traversty which is the HSE, they say slanderous things against a sick person and yet fund help for her at the same time.
the former cannot be apologised for, the latter we hope will not be withdrawn.

the sick person is told that if she wants to bring it further, she will have to bring her case to the Ombudsmans office.

the ombudsmans office, wronged her and set four years of hell on earth for her, and it continues.

tell me please, what type of government are the irish people voting for.

the sick person also fears that because she stood up to the HSE over and over, she will in the end die at the hands of the HSE who will do this through neglect and inattention.

the sick person is convinced that she will be let die through non treatment because she is considered a peskie person and also not worthy of life.

she is very very scared and doesnt sleep at night.
The A&E departments are a horrendous fear for her, because she is usually shunted to the corner near the dirty laundry and left.

how can we change this sort and type of living for a disabled and sick person.
its a dreadful way to live.

we, the disabled people also know that this is now becoming common throughout the world.
we also know that pathwaying out exists.
we know that most of the elderly are literally 'put down' and 'put away' by their relatives who couldnt be bothered to care for them.

there is one law that is hopefully still truthful for the sick, elderly and disabled.
 making a "living will' and also making a will.
if everyone rises up and make the will according to concience.
if you are not cared for in this life by relatives, why leave them anything?
and the living W
ill will do its darnest to save you being dumped in one of our dreadful dying houses for the sick and elderly the 'nursing' homes.

if you have money, position and influence, you do not agonise over anything when it comes to health issues.
when you have none of these, there is every reason to fear for your life every time you go to bed.
i wish it were different.
it wont be, in my lifetime

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