Monday, August 3, 2015

Disablist = racism = abuse of power = HSE and continent.

i have indeed strung all these words together.
it has to be said that to ignore, downgrade and dehumanise those who are disabled and sick in such a manner is pretty much what we felt we were moving away from after the era of extermination in the gas chambers of the last war.
i felt we had realised something after the shocking stories that came out of those camps.
it is true, the Jews were exterminated but so too were vast swathes of sectors of society Hitler felt were 'useless eaters.'
these include the intellectually challenged, the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the mentally ill.
alongside that, they attempted to wipe out the Roma populations of Europe, a ghastly fact we have yet  to recognise, Millions of Roma were trundled off to be exterminated.
we do not hear much about all of these groups.

self promotion of ghastly deeds done to a group and religious nation is explaining this.
who can afford really to speak loudly for the 'useless eaters' and the least powerful groups in society.
There was no one.
There remains no one.

We now see a re-emergence across  the modern world of one major fact.  Those who are the bottom of the ladder are being blamed for society's ills - all over again.

we do not consider gambling and extortion, fraudulent dealings, and spending billions upon billions just in the hope that a gamble will pay dividends a reason to blame bankers, politicians and corporate governance and groups a crime against humanity.
When it didn't go as planned with all of these crooks a good few countries were brought to its knees and went down including USA, Europe but mostly the smaller players in Europe we see then emergence of austerity and blame, just as in the Second World War.
since this recent global depression where the sick were denied services, the disabled were being forced back into the institutions job lot, the ill and the learning disabled were denied health care and education we see it happening all over again.
since the global depression we see the gap widen between rich and poor, ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Money is being diverted away to personal accounts, group accounts and payments to public servants like never before.
so when our ministers get up to 500k a year and top ups over and above that, the poor and low workers have been granted a pay increase in Ireland of - wait for it - 50c.

Still we see that the sick and the disabled have remained below the poverty line.
we are being forced to pay more for just about everything on a fixed disability pension and it simply cannot be done.
services such as transport to the hospitals have been stopped.
the transport grant stopped and our government said they would bring in something fairer, it never happened.
tax allowances on petrol for disability vans and cars all stopped.

medicine costs have gone through the roof and some are not taking vital prescribed drugs due to cost.
Adaptive aids are least likely now to be given to the sick and the disabled.
That is bath chairs and wheelchairs.
Two items seriously close to my heart.

Alongside  of all of this we have what i consider the worst. - The abuse of power.
the HSE for instance can now actually vilify a sick and disabled person without any justification, seemingly without the need to justify it and will keep this up for ever, of course the one thing the HSE as an organization find it hard to do - 'own responsibility and sort the mess' -they have and are creating!
they are in true denial of what they do in the name of health care.
we are talking here of course of health care.

but only health care for the least well off.

NO individual in Ireland who can afford health insurance can expect to be treated so badly as those in the public system.
this is FACT.
those on insurance will say this is not true and come out with such statements as 'its not much better in the Private sector.'  Excuse me madam it very much IS better in the private sector!

you cannot even have examinations done that normally before the crash you could have.
you cannot have extra blood exams done, similarly you cannot request them as a patient with intelligence to do this again you are speaking above your station.
the slap from any consultant is that look of distain of the horror of Oliver who asked for more.

we are a sad society that neglects its ill and disabled.
its not considered a society if it does but a corporate business for one aim only to control the masses and accrue as  much money from the masses and more besides as they can.
they are creating elitism, conservatism and abuse of power.

No where can it be seen more than through extreme right movements and the extremism in the world today.
They just consider all groups who our outside their little cliches to be causing the problems in each country and yet its not so.

the sick the disabled and the poor have never managed to gain a vast capitol, they have never managed to do shady deals and bankrupt anyone least alone their own country.

most try to live on what they have, settle for less and cope by extended family giving a hand.

but not the shower at the top who are creaming it off and blaming us all at the bottom for being so expensive.
when it fact they are the ones who are overly expensive.

what has happened me for instance as a sick and disabled person is that this begging for crumbs from the table has cause vast abuses of power from the HSE, which basically are given free rein to do anything they like.  ask the Minister for Health, he isn't in charge of health, the HSE is.

Therefore with no governmental control the who organization has run wild in an absence of good governance and incompetency.
they are out of control.

we have no means either to protest.

there is no forum where justice can be sought in Ireland if you have a grievance about the HSE.
those who fight back will suffer major health decline as i have.

those who fight back will  lose sleep, cry a lot, eat badly, get exhausted quickly and do nothing as the despondency and depression is like that noose around your neck.

you will be slandered and dehumanised, and made to feel a vile individual.

you will also be targeted with insinuations that you are mad, mentally ill, psychologically 'loose in the head, ' anything but, for them to take responsibility and sort the mess.

they will increase your healthcare needs and one major one now being this -  i have no idea how to get my life back on track.
i have no idea how to transcend the demons of nightmares over the HSE and the lack of sleep.  Years of insomnia pain, weeping and depression - ALL hastening my decline in health.

words fail me on how i will ever be the same again after meeting the HSe when becoming ill.
i have no idea if my life will ever be called 'a life worth living' again.
i will attempt to go for it and try.
but my exhaustion, decline in health and feelings of despondency are great.

one thing for sure - i will fight for the sick, the disabled and the least well off.

and on a further note i beg my readers to sign the petition set up by my twin sister Dr. Margaret Kennedy.
its a fact we are only one of about two or three countries in Europe who have failed to Ratify the Rights of the disabled under the UN convention of the rights of people with a disability.
so if you really feel it and feel we must stop this rot i beg you to take a while and call in on this site and sign, that we are equal to everyone else and we deserve equal treatment.  we must ratify the convention of the rights of those who are disabled, so that we can be considered equal and not have the HSE do what it is doing, running wild over the vulnerable lives, of people with a disability.
thank you.
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