Monday, January 18, 2016

a petition- please sign - save our healthcare system

i think it important to say - not a day goes by when something adverse occurs within our hopsitals, something negative happens, more negatives than positives, a healthcare service in crisis, a healthcare service, pretty much terminally ill, and a healthcare service that is positively dangerous, if you cannot afford to pay.
the great divide now is public v private, those who can afford it will live, will get help and can benefit with a longer life expectancy and security, knowing that they could never be let down and abandoned in the face of a poverty of services for us in the public healthcare system.
we are endangered by our care services, for us it barely exists and where it does its minimal and crisis of health means, no cover for that.
we need signatures to get the message to the Minister for Health.
Health is our wealth, you are not robbing that as well as everything else, sir.
sign, share and get the word out there.
thank you, i do appreciate this, i trust my followers of my blog.

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