Monday, March 7, 2016

i contacted the European Ombudsmans about my treatment in Ireland by the HSE

today i again wrote to the european ombudsman's office.

i wrote explaining further about the way i have been treated and continue to be treated by the Irish Healthcare system, in the community.

without restraint, without censure, without following any of their own guidelines, the HSE is law unto itself.

it consistently gets it wrong.
it blames patients for being in distress rather than help a person in distress.
in fact so isolated from their client base, they willingly call the police for a presenting distressed older women rather than hand a cup of tea out and calm a very sick person.

its not usual behaviour to call the police on old sick women.
there is something very evil by any healthcare system that does so, therefore i call it draconian and uneducated.
what more i intend to take this further.
i will fight the HSE tooth and nail for all the damage they have visited upon myself and my dear twin sister.

its outrageous, that we are celebrating 100yrs of 'liberation' for being oppressed, yet in this country of mine, we are being oppressed.
there are those in ireland who are treated very badly from our healthcare services.
because we have no healthcare service, what we have is so abusive.

we have spending on health through the roof and yet we can do no more than deliver a dangerous service, known to be dangerous and when the HSE are shown up for what they are, they will target you more, like a criminal.

this is happening in the most oppressed 'liberated' state i have had any experience with.

there is one person who will not be celebrating our 100 years of liberation.
i feel disappointed and ashamed to call myself Irish.
i am ashamed of my country, the government and the people in power who abuse others and their own citizens, who they are entrusted to care for.

you wont get that here.
far too many people are in a similar boat to myself.
far too many.
i want the world to understand, we are not being supported by europe to become more responsible how we treat our own.
we should be severely admonished for human rights violations right across the board, from the elderly, the sick, the frail, the disabled and the vulnerable.

i hope i live long enough to see justice been done for all who suffer at the hands of the HSE.
i have to say, they are worse that the mafia at how well they seem to target those least able to defend themselves. and do so in a hideous fashion with no feelings or empathic thought about the harm they do physically, psychologically and mentally on the members of society they are entrusted to care for.

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