Sunday, April 30, 2017

little Ireland with little healthcare

it is a very tough country to be sick in.
bank holiday - May Day - the workers holiday, those who toil and sweat get a day off just because they toil and sweat.

there is no day off from torture in Ireland.
many will see that as a very strong word indeed.
i see it as a truthful word that most would shy away from, as a reality here in ireland.

i heard a word the past few days, a scandelous case of 'waterboarding.'

tell me please, if you are treated by the state health care system HSE with utter contempt, and you are fed drip drip tiny bits of help but only coming ad hoc with no real effect to daily living is this not torture.
is it torturous to try and get a care plan in place and trying to do this now for a decade.
it is.
is it torturous that in a country where the government of the day claims we are 'on an up' when most with disability and sickness are very much on the down.

lets look at some of the needs that need addressing and why i see it as torture.

hydrotherapy is an asset.  it now is a standard of care for a myriad of conditions around the world, extensively used and proven benefits documented.
most modern states can provide hydrotherapy for the worst cases and chronic disease cases - not so little Ireland with little healthcare.
did i think it was that difficult to get three quarters of an hour in such a pool once a week?  No i did not.
its impossible.
of course i cannot ask around, i have no clout.  but those who have have failed on my behalf and that of my twin sister.

its not that these pools are exactly butlins on Mayday.
they are used yes, but not hour in and hour out 24/7.
we have lost a dear friend of late, Donal Toolan.
Not so long ago i spoke to him and told him i was finding it impossible to get into a hydropool recommended by at least five consultants.
he told me a few months ago it was the only thing that kept his pain at bay.
we spoke of this at some length, and it is true, we know the benefits.
we now know the benefits to even infants and the elderly.
but we cannot benefit because its not available for my twin and myself.

beds and sleeping also is another indicator we are on a slippery slope, how long is this debate going on?
well a very long time.
what does the HsE do?
well, they throw 'toppers' at you, foam, some three inch thick, some more or some less, some with ripples, some as cubes but in essence they are cheap ways of preventing pressure for those who do not move.
i move too much.
they also produce heat and i cant cope with that.
the glorious letter writing detailing how we have had five to seven chances with mattresses is but a fob off to the reality of five to seven toppers of foam for bedsores which i do not suffer from.
these letters wing their way to the TD's.
then again we have companies and retailers say that the HSE do provide sophisticated beds for the chronic sick in ireland.
but we twins, the ones with the pink hats cannot get the HSE to engage on bed and nighttime at all.
one such lassie came and then disappeared, never to be seen again.
i am in a hell.
there is more than this going on.
far more.
there is name calling, denegration, fob offs, procrastination and injury in extreme.
torture is injury and also lack of care is injurous.
we do not have euthanasia here in ireland but you might as well, for that is what i feel is happening my twin and i.
left to die at home with no health care.
well everyone is asking that.
what happened the Grace case whistleblower?  what happened Maurice McCabe?
what happens in ireland if you spill the beens, we must look to all whistle blowing in ireland and vocal individuals who say it as it is as opposed saying it as they would like to hear.
there is an answer to the extreme pain we are suffering in little ireland its called revenge and inflicted intentionally.
imagine a healthcaring organisation, advocating its citizens be watchful of elder abuse whereever they see or withness it.
hey man, visit, because i can tell my story, its elder abuse.  On a grand scale.
its even happening in the Minister for healths own patch, simon harris, on the minister's childhood estate and the ministers own road for the school walk he would have taken.
but there are two women suffering here.
very much so.
the flourish to help was evident in a history of trying to make things better but now its someones turn to help us, we dont ask for too much just what you would give to very sick individuals. as in a healthcare befitting the 'heavy disease burden.'

if people dont understand why we are not getting it.  i dont understand it either.

its a shit country to live in when sick and that is all i know.
you just want to die in the end of it, you do.

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