Monday, December 11, 2017

Healthcare in Ireland and no magic word 'enforcements'

Heaps can go very wrong in a country that doesn't want to understand.
i cannot deal with the HSE one minute longer
heaps does go wrong.
How can you explain in plain english how to do things well, sensitively and properly here anymore?
Who cares enough to hear them?

A judge making judgement on a very sad case of a rough sleeper probably said it as best anyone could really, he claimed before him was an example of how Ireland has lost the ability to care for its people.
believe me 'shit' happens in Ireland.  the country left me like this for two years before i managed to get out of the country for the help and diagnosis i needed to try repair this ailing body, all the Irish doctors could tell me was go home and take the 'anti-depressants'  thats the best this country can offer the physically sick and getting sicker
This is correct.
a judge has a person who had fallen on hard and bad times, sleeping rough and losing his parents, home and everything.  He said what he should have and more should too, ' a huge reminder that Ireland doesn't care anymore.

Another is around the idea and notion that those who are sick, disabled and elderly have no rights to decency, care, healthcare and a quality of life.
It's how Ireland doesn't care anymore.

When using any case as a 'case in point' there is no harm using your own for example. Many do this and its the start of a lot of blogging and new forums beginning and flourishing because a 'wake up call' has been sounded, but also because where do you go when the country doesn't care anymore.

We have a healthcare system.   They do not want to care.   They prefer to abandon the ship along with making amazingly reasonable claims how they can justify doing so.

if you do not challenge wrong doing for those least able, then how can uphold the belief to having a moral fibre within?
This country is a country  without any moral fibre left.

If you allow things to flow badly which brings immense hardship and suffering you are complicit in crimes against the people and the state inflicts harm on the people.
It's a crime to remain silent in the face of such terrible, terrible hardships.

Today i had a minister for health's secretary stating that i always ring up complaining.
i swiftly reminded her of my own case being upheld that complaining that no answers are forthcoming is not complaining and that i have aright to complain if they are not meeting the needs of very sick people.

ask anyone with a serious progressive neurodegenerative disease is it 'ok' to leave a woman with her bed like this for about a year?  is it 'ok' not to offer a decent surface to sleep on, when she cannot provide for herself, would any other country leave such a sick person in this manner and does any other state then tell the patient that the Healthcare provider is seeking funding from charity to get her a bed!
This right to contact your TD's and state the obvious is blurred by the healthcare provider being believed by our state own Department of Health.
Yet, i doubt the Department of Health is in a happy bed with the HSE at all, but do not show correct morality in this by supporting the patients, the sick, the dying and the disabled and elderly.

It's wrong for any one to be told by the state workers that you are complaining and always complaining.
you have a right to healthcare and if you do not get it, you complain.
The Law says you have no rights to healthcare, but the upholding of the fundamental rights to healthcare remains valid and enforceable.

you are not allowed damage a person by neglect, this is more to the point, damaging a person by not providing disease specific treatments, oversight by medical consultants is called neglect.  It is against the law to bring harm, do harm or ignore the sick and thus bring harm.

you complain about that.
how can anyone in their right mind be 'grateful' for such neglect leading to serious decline way over and above the disease process they have already.  this is the image of pure and intentional neglect and trauma caused by the state healthcare system.
i am not grateful for lack of care.
i cannot say i am grateful for ten years down the road in a fight for the care i need when those who can afford it here can pick up the phone and make the appointment, see the consultant, be treated well and get on with a quality of life which is respectful of the person's right to have that quality of life.

No one believes for a minute that those who have no healthcare  should also have no quality of life and die sooner than the rest, the wealthy.  This is what happens though, many cannot see this knock-on effect at all.
The distain towards the poor is unpresidented now in modern society.

Lord knows the world has never known anything other than members of the human race being disadvantaged, we have always had the poor on this planet, and it would be a bad world if they didn't exist, its right and good they do.  It brings out the best in the rest and it has proven to be so, without that feeling of goodness within and tapping into it, you cannot enjoy a quality of life.
part of making people feel good about living is also wrapped up in the ideal that in 'giving you recieve.'  a Known fact being, people who give, actually feel better than those who grab and take and steal.

Lacking the ability to see good in the poor from many angles is leading the world towards the ultimate extermination of those we do not seem to want - again.

Vowing we would never see another Hitler, every single modern state right now is under a far right agenda of kill the bastards, kill the jews, kill the blacks, kill the gay people and exterminate the defective and the muslim and arabs!  we do not have ONE hitler, each country has its own 'type' of it, own version and insidious and with one thing in mind.
We do not care a toss about each other - really.

Back to the basics of a small island nation, ireland.
Of the country i know best, its getting as bad as any other country, we held once a type of morality.  It was a form that we saw and underneath it was pretty terrible, with the magdelene laundries, the asylums  and the christian brothers and also the workhouses and mother and baby homes. we had a vicious society.
we seemingly cannot move away from such viciousness.

To have a minister's office staff tell me that despite what the constitution says about the rights to my  own home because I am not paying for the adaptation to it, the state forces can enforce you do things to it against your wishes.
Actually it can't.  The state still takes it upon itself to 'see no harm' in forcing its citizen into damaging and restructuring their home against their wishes as viable but its against the constitution!  Being made do something against your will, fact, its against the law.
because you are not paying for it you shut up and do as you are told.
That is the society we have formed.  The secretaries of Ministers today tell you this, i was told this.  i was told i should be grateful to the grant to adapt my home, which i was, but i also had to be grateful to having my home biffed to bits on the ordering of a healthcare official i never met.  Sorry mate, thats against the law!

There is nothing gracious or good about this.
The HSE have broken the law in my home, I know it and the state knows it.
The state also knows that you do not make such judgements as 'serial complainers' out of two very sick women who at the end of their life have had ten years whipped away from them because they are trying to get the care they need.
we still haven't got it.
It's against the law to neglect the health of the state's people.
That is the fundamental right of every citizen to be cherished as equal.

But because you are poor, you can have even the state labelling you 'serial complainers' you can have the state's minister for health secretary saying 'you always ring up here complaining.'

And I will say to the Minister himself, i will complain against the HSE injustice to leave us rot at home as they are doing, you can call me what you like, the whole of Ireland can call me what you wish.

I will say nobly and with truth, the state is killing me and the state doesn't care.
The HSE doesn't care and its our only healthcare provider. 
The state carries out its own extermination programme and we twins are on it.
we have no neurologist, no rheumatologist who deals with serious mixed connective tissue diseases and we have no consultant advised therapies, because we rely on the HSE to provide that and they do not.
That my friend is my complaint.

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