Thursday, October 20, 2011

most things going fluttering mad and being chaotic

Is there a full moon right now?
or is it just in my head, today and yesterday and the day before?
and if there is a full moon, when does the full moon become 'not a full moon,' like how long is the moon full?
my moon is kinda swollen and limp and yet twirling and bright and i want it to shrink, just a bit.
it can shine but not glare, please.

right analogy over.
i am reeling with exhaustion...thats what i meant to say..really...
so i am reeling.
spinning and moonish mad inside with flurry and frenzy and fluttering.
but then so are the birds, hitchcock style.
the days are in it, melting down the days to full moon winter for the birdies, and very soon that will be with unexpected early snows on the hills of donegal, to my utter horror.
the starlings, so, and the house sparrows are beak sharp at attack they are dive bombing the underbellies of all in the way..of the bird feeder, which too is swirling and swinging.
the other feeder placed behind the bamboo, just about is for the little uns, the great tits, which i adore, they whizz in like an oversized bee and have the skill and agility of swallows, its a smash and grab effect and if they linger they ruin everything.
yes, my tit sits briefly on the peg for the claws and he uses that tiny beak to flick aside the unwanted and most of the food seems unwanted, he spits and rakes and scatters, then grabs and flees.
leaving a carpet of dandruff seends all over the floor of my yard, inviting the fat chihuahuas to forage, and yes, she eats seeds, any and all.
and getting fatter.
so the birds are mad at it, building up for the big snow.
i am flurrying around trying to get a home and money and resources and want all before the impending winter but its looking less likely.
in the meantime i am storing up on freebies for the free internet sites.
thus far i have a bundle of floor tiles, wall tiles and fab cobalt tiles.
i have a nice chair, that has a bit of a bounce, very relaxing and not too big.
i have three beautiful 'arts & crafts' dining chairs pulled from a skip or is it dumpster in the USA.
i also have a genuine article of a Directors chair, just like my mama used to have, thats a freebie.
and so the freebs are there to get.
on the grants side i wasnt so lucky and told instantly not even to 'go there.'
that produced a giggle, but no one 'goes there,'
really, for there is no money, you just live in hope there is and then get disappointed and one should start to say, 'gud i am sorry i even asked!'
so we have the house and some chairs to sit on and i do have my bed and some shiny tiles and two chihuahuas and a wicked new neighbour Kathleen, who enjoys clowns as in ornaments etc, loves colours, is a 'silver surfer' for at 88 she uses the computer.
she also uses the sewing machine and does jigsaws.
she loves her garden and the birds.
she wears a hairband, has lost a few front teeth and has a wicked sense of humour, aka the chopping board decorated in abstract images of med capsules, which made me split with laughter.
amongst all the old stuff of her age, you see the modern seeping in, the cup stipey and happy with the polka dot coloured saucers, just snuck in a small cavity cos she says, i love colour.
she is in a new age my dear new neighbour.
as she helped me down a step into her lean to conservatory, with a gap of thirty years!
everyone should adopt a granny, woa very very good for the soul.
for a change i am happy, just happier, more settled in the brain that i will be happy and when i sat in my new home to be, i just knew it.
this is home, i have come home.
and i want there fast.
in my social housing unit last night i heard a very heavy bat in the attic, whether these three housing units are all joined up there with no separation is unknown, and what the strong aggressive geezer was doing up there was anyone's guess.
if he was crawling the cavities for bad motives, he certainly unnerved me and i was unsure of it all.
that sort of thing i will be shut of for an 88 yr old woman with few front teeth will hardly be of evil intent in my attic.
oh gud get me outta here that i know!

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