Friday, February 22, 2013

Being bullied - anti-bullying

isnt it dreadful for a person with a severe disability and who is ill and dying to feel she is being bullied.
Even anihilated by a very new set of health workers in a very new environment for her?
What do people say about bullying?
Does the reams of anti-bullying advise out there in the health service advise literature not apply then to the sick and disabled?

I have just viewed the HSE websites in Ireland.
set up to put down guide lines on bullying in the work place and what you should do if you are being bullied.

What though if you are a victim of bullying BY the  HSE and not only by one HSE but by a collective!

there is not one sycable that gives guidelines for service users who are at the coal face of vulnerability and what they should do if they find themselves having profound statements against their character and personality being made - to which she feels defenseless in clearing her good name?
there is not one statement that bullying against disabled people will not be tolerated, in fact if a person within the hSE feels aggrieved by a disabled woman for being forthright and intelligent in standing up to a member of the HSE then the HSE personnel will work a cartel to protect the common good and common good name of the HSE.
the person with a disability will have rules and regulations made for her, to constrain her, contain her and bar her from access to people she feels might give her a chance.

How can a 60yr old be such a treat that she is allocated a male health worker - now listen to why =- for health and safety reasons of the HSE officials.
to protect them in other words.
this means that a 60yr old is capable of what?
I am in a wheelchair!
i have a muscle wasting disorder.
i raised my voice under distress and exhaustion with a condition called Asperger and yet i am allotted the title of horror by the HSE our wonderful health service executive which is being wound down, thankfully.

credibility of the HSe has been completely and utterly squashed in the face of over four years now of HSE over involvement in my life, which has led me to be in an alien county away from all i know, against the advice of every single consultant i saw who said that i would not deal well with change and to help me stay near all i had known.

they did not.  they failed a sick and disabled woman and now have labelled her, and labelled her with no justification whatsoever.

I want my name cleared, i have done very good work myself for many vulnerable people.
i feel i am being bullied, and as the internet is becoming the vehicle for expression which is at least free, i state i am being bullied by our HSE and no one absolutely no one is standing up to the bullies, well my twin is.
we will not be put upon in this manner.

after a vile meeting with a hse official both my twin and i wanted to emigrate out of ireland we should have done this when we had the chance.

a petty, nasty little country going no where fast which needs to gain knowledge, become modern, behave in a manner that befits modern thinking and stop the attitude and stigma that Ireland is know  for through the magdelene laundries, the clergy abuse of vulnerable woman and the atrocious record we have of dealing with learning disabled, disabled and the elderly.

i state that we have a long way to go and many sectors of irish society need the voice that i hope i will offer for them, on behalf of them.
for being a victim of state, so called care of the sick.
i shall now hope to garnish support and advice from other sources after what transpired today.

who in god's name can live with a label  of libel and slander with no avenues of defense.

i have been hung drawn and quartered by the hse and i am going to fight for my name to be cleared.

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Dr Margaret Kennedy said...

dead right sister ! bad day at trhe office! fight!