Thursday, February 14, 2013

I do not know, i do not know, i want to know!

another day of medicine....
.....i want to know firstly, will it be any other way at all, at all?

there was some very good news my friends.  I received the best pair of shoes i have ever had from the one and only HSE in Ireland.
After an Online article, about my disastrous pair i was wearing for years after funding here stopped.

the prompted action as it was bound to.
i got shoes!
my winter shoes have come in spring and i walked the walk in ice and snow, with holes in my shoes, but that too was something i explained to the world.

as a result of withdrawn funding for adequate shoes for deformed feet, the lack thereof saw that my right leg has been irreversibly damaged now and will always cause extreme pain.

this should not have happened.

Today too i received an extraordinary phone call from the HSE telling me that i am being allocated a Male Occupational Therapist, even further away from me than here and to where i can never hope to reach if i need to see him.

But the plot is a PRIVATE Occupational Therapist, and i guess i dont pay as i am a public patient so now the HSE is paying for this?

the plot thickens even further as the local area Home help services is being privatized too and given over to a Private company to run.

this will mean i feel, worse service as it will not be overseen by the state but will have money flung at it and be a 'one man band' and the state will not be responsible if anything goes wrong, the state too will not be in charge and the state will take no part in making sure very vulnerable people are provided good and appropiate care.  Remember Private Companies exist to make MOney  not altruistic or care driven AT ALL>

Like Horse meat, if the Private sector can get away with horse dressed up as Beef, then the hOme help services can be unqualified, unregulated and dressed up as a caring professional service moyah i say to that!

we will be getting HOrse, or donkey and there is a lot of that around these parts!

Let me tell you about an 'incident' not of a curious dog in the night, or is that right?

well, yes, i was curious and broke and knowingly getting even more broke so i took the electric wheelchair into Dublin Fair City on the DART, Dublin Area Rapid Transport system!
off i get at Pearse Station or is that Pearse St?
and tootle along to the tooth fairies at the Dental Hospital, then i nervously and courageously travelled badly to O'Connell Street.
I crossed over cobbles, victorian pavings and concrete block pathways.  the latter being the best i have to say.
we have atrocious roads for anyone with a disability.
At my second destination i had hearing aids fixed (I have between both ears 35% left.) and i trotted with trottle along to the cheap shops of Dublin.  the ones all the good old dubllners have used for generations.
At Guineys i bought three cushion covers and suddenly realised i had a split front tyre to the electric wheelchair.
there is no relationship between the zipped cushion covers and the ripped wheel, believe me.

now i am in trouble.
along came Aisling, from Guineys who helps my limping wheelchair to the back streets and a taxi rank that has no taxi for a disabled woman and a banjaxed electric wheelchair.
that my friends caused a wait of over half an hour and a bill for 50e.
the HSe scoffed at me when i asked for re-embursement, almost sneered.
i was told to bring the thing home.
i did and left it at twins, it was hers and hers was a better one (i now declare it not fit for purpose).
today after getting my disab pension i was driving off, and got a phone call.  i took it stationary at the petrol station.
i was asked to bring the thing back down to the health centre.
remarking that i was now off to the far reaches of the other side of nowhere, a place i get lost in every time, to pick up my special shoes, (see start of blog). i have done this trip at least four times.  to be asked to load a busted electric wheelchair into my van and back down to the health centre was a tad much.
i am dealing with having my house torn apart through an adaptation grant and no one to help me move my belongings out of the firing line of chain saws and dust and muck which i did last night and early this morning.
to be doing all this!
i reminded the lady in question that ....i am supposed to be a very sick woman!
I am !
Oh well, as i said as i life is forever more all about medicine and the Irish Health Service as its being provided during a recession and economic busted wheels going no where fast.

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