Friday, March 14, 2014

st patrick's day 2014

i find it odd, every year we have a colouring book of only green for one 'glorious' day and then its grime again.

do people around the world REALLY understand Ireland and who is this patriotic outpouring in aid off, i call it 'boil over.'

i think to admire three minutes of video expounding the virtues of Ireland is missing the point entirely.
we are more than the sum total of green, the grass and the hills and bumps of Eire.

we are a tiny country that seems not to be able to manage itself, but seemingly its people do well once they leave.

what that says about us is anyone's guess.
the guessing has been done of course many times, conclusions reached and we'd be eggits if we didnt know why.

we are a country rife with distress, dysfunction, corruption and crookery.
we are a country with brilliant artists from all disciplines, theatre, literature, art to a degree and of course poetry.

but we are also a country of people who know the saying 'you scratch my back and i will scratch yours.'  the country who approve of 'brown envelops' because these still appear at everything from local county council levels to the Dail chambers, charities, banks and all manner of organisations.

you just have to wave a few wads of cash or other favour and another will be done unto you.

and this kind of economic madness caused the economic mad crash.
speculating too and trying to cover arse is also a good irish trait from cheltenham to making phone calls and joking about how you conned the government and calling it Moolah.

we are good at these things.

St Patrick may have banished the snakes, but he left the oddest kind here.
the christian nation of saints and scholars.

Will i be celebrating St. Patricks Day.
not for the reasons many will, no.  but i will go and see who turns up and out for the parade.
very good snoop value indeed, and a photoshoot opportunity.

to say i am disappointed to be calling myself Irish is putting it mildly.
i am cringing with embarrassment at being one and sending another eggit half way across the globe to shake the hands of you know who.

we do this flight of earls in modern times, yearly, all the quacks queue up for the gangway and gangplanks of planes rushing out for the party, leaving much devastation at home.

the mighty crash has left a huge amount of our youth leaving our shores.
the mighty crash has left behind poverty not seen before since famine times.
modern poverty - house repossession, bankruptcy for young families, small business men and women, small shops closing, large factories and work sources closing.
streets emptied of retail outlets.
Disability pensions constantly slashed at every budget.
mobility allowances being stopped.
small allowances for the elderly being eroded time and time leaving many without communication with their own families, without money for heating and food.
many now worry about health care and provision of end of life care.
A & E's are frightening places of danger.
hospitals are brimming with bed blockers and these poor victims have no place to go so they lay in wait.
things like hearing aids are now out of the reach of many.
wheelchair provision is being fought for with bitter fights between embroiled hse staff asked to tighten control on their budgets and despairing sick and disabled.
anger in all camps really with work place contentment at an all time low.

patients being sent obnoxious letters by overpaid consultants who are also overworked but its not the fault of patients who ask for care and they cannot cope.

we have the worst neurological care provision in the whole of Europe.
no green beer will blot this one out my friends.

tip the glass and tip the Irish for they need it badly.
begging do they go our ministers, ministering and grovelling to the rich countries on our behalf.
Buy up something of ours, they squeal, and they do!
our dogs, our zoos, our trees.
our country.
it isnt Irish anymore.

We do not own our country, those that do are just about every one else bar us.

the Tricolour should be multi-coloured but there are too many colours to design a flag with.

So Slainte for the day that harkens worldwide.
from the Ban of this Ti.

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