Monday, December 29, 2014

Ireland, water charges, being sick and being in the EU - disability opinion

a few days after christmas, i can squarely say it wasnt much of a festive season for my twin sister and myself.
we are in Ireland.
the country is in crisis with an odd agenda of a small country being completely taken over by the powerful in Europe.
i wish to see us OUT of the EU and go the way of the scandinavian countries and also Iceland.

this is a view held by many and i believe the Irish are rising against what we now see is a tyranny on our small state.
we are but small and yet we think as if we are mighty, we are not.  we will remain small by virtue of our position as a small island on the perifery of europe.
we have great talent, good ideas and fanstastic work force but we do not seem to flourish when on the land, we seem to do that once forced away from all we had known.
every single generation now has known emigration on a large scale.
ireland continues to have little to offer its young and educated.
this is the problem.

but on a personal level and it has to be personal for i am not in the main a polictical analysist, i see with my eyes, i feel with my soul and i endure it too as a disabled woman getting older, and doing so alone with my twin doing the same.
we are 'degenerating' aged 62yrs of age.
there are no supports for us.

the family in ireland as society is breaking down is also scattered, fractured and lost.
to us.
but many families now face the same.
many families do not support their own in time of need and some do not because they cannot afford to, cannot spare the emotional/psychological space because they had grown up in a dynamic of individualism and do not want to hear such words as 'sickness,' disability nor policies on disability, equality and disability and fairness nor do they want to hear that there is no effective public health service here.

we are told, if we go to a family gathering, do not talk on health matters.
i say inside 'well its still there, even if we do not talk about it, we still  need help, still sick and never will we be getting better.'

the way ireland is going makes the vast majority of its people very frightened indeed of the future.
we have a large aging population, no health services, and now they speak of cutting the pensions, but if they do that i may as well just die.
would it be better to put me up against a wall and shoot me?
Why do they say they want to cut the state pension when our own government ministers and president earn more then the leaders of vast states, even our leader earns touching what President Obama does, we have a country of five million and he is on THAT wage and with all its pomp and glory too!
why not start where the money is?
why are they decimating the old, the vulnerable, the sick and those alone without support.
why do they do this and they have always done this.
france put up frames on benches to stop the homeless sleeping there.
they give or wanted to give yellow triangles for them.
we wanted to make these sort of portocabin makeshift homes on the skirts of dublin.
shove em anywhere but dont let the affluent or the middle class have to think on 'social concience' and the least well off.
in america its now a crime to feed the homeless and where is that lovely old ninety year old arrested for doing just this now?
anyone know?
the roma have been routed from a site in france.
the travellers from a site in the UK.

we claim, that is the world claims that these people, all these unfortunate people are 'wasters' and 'no good' forgetting that society is based on professional classes and these are the higher paid jobs so without the sick and the elderly and the homeless we would have none of the following jobs:
priests/ religious
law reform.
equality law
all these sorts of careers which in their high paid capacity not only works for the poor, but benefits directly from the poor in the course of helping the poor.
this my friend is what society and collective concience is about.
to say in a blanket statement 'just hide them' or 'get rid of them' is denying where wealth is generated and experience gained and research into disease and aging helps so much in real terms in the long run and we can do all that we do, far better with the help of the professional classes.
many will improve quality of life.
many will have better health and care services and the list is endless.

in ireland for instance we are fast becoming a nation where no one wants to be doctors in.
this is our fault for falling to the burocrats in europe who say we have to stem the cost of our health care system, but what we did then was created no health system with a dire shortage of doctors and expertise.
my twin and i have personally been sent to the UK twice this year under government funding as rare disease individuals, being twins we can be useful in this regard.
but we are going to be sending more and more will be leaving, just to get help which we actually could provide if we allowed change to happen.

another act of complete stupidity was retaining the HSE in its present format and engaging 10% more managers to manage the health service.
well we know well its this class that cannot manage the services in the first place.
i give you a salutary tale where the HSE bought with funds from the exchequer a christmas tree for the grand sum of 2,500 euros and its now sits outside Limerick hospital and twinkles away.
this is a lotta money in Ireland which is so bereft of funds that people are going without proper wheelchairs.

they are giving out ones that are eleven years old and crash its clients into stone walls, because wheels fall off and the client bombs bang into a wall on her way to a neurologist.
the wheels were put on by the wrong bolts.
so between christmas trees and no medical services, we cannot function as a healthy nation.

we need to function!
equality allows all to offer their skills to the table.
one senior social worker, who has spoken in brussels is still a vibrant woman but because she has no transport and the transport grants have been stopped over two years ago, her skill, her training, her lecturing at the universities and other has come to a halt.
she is a wheelchair user. she doesnt drive.
therefore Ireland are losing a very talented, skilled doctor of philosophy who trained up its own social workers in the HSE when she was a well woman.

this sort of crass treatment and denial of her gifts is outrageous but what more for Ireland its an utter waste.
not to mention her sister who has her own skills to offer but right now too bloody depressed and too engaged fighting for very basics to live as a disabled woman, seemingly having the same rights as everyone else, but in fact doesnt.

this is called actually the class divide.
the Greek now have risen up, i hope Ireland does too, i hope we do it peacefully, cleanly and in my lifetime.
i hope the diaspora will support this irish rising, for we are on our knees.
i want out of Europe where strong forces are crushing us and crushing the individual here.
i want a small nation to act like a small nation and be satisfied we can do well with what we have now.
we cannot even hope to be anything other then a TINY country.
many countries still have  never heard of us.
we are small.
i am ok about that.
i love ireland but not what is happening it right now.
i hate seen the struggle and depression in the vulnerable classes.
i hate it.
i would have thought by now Ireland would have been self sufficient, and caring nation for its own, its taking too long to get there.
but certainly i believe if we are outside the EU we can make a better go of it.

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