Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last post HSE letter 2014; Last post HSE 2013 the same.....

it is the last post before christmas, or nearly.
today i received a letter from the HSe.
it was pretty much in the same vein as in 2013 when the last post produced a vicious letter from them.
i also got one on the first post of 2014 and i just wonder will i get one first post 2015.

i really do have issues around 'sensitivity' of the HSE and how they deal with sick people in Ireland.

this is not about health.
absolutely not about health at all.

I do understand that the HSe are capable of snooping into my blogs, in fact this is a directive of the HSE, do snoop and see what i am saying.

the callous disregard for patients, sick, disabled and elderly in Ireland is staggering, all from our Health Service Executive.

in other words the letter today told me to basically 'stuff my complaints against them, they have all been dealt with.'

i say, well in an investigative manner who dealt with them and who did they interview?

here is how it really works, an investigator can be the manager from the same area and same team manager of the same area and the same area managers i am complaining about.

so this is if you go onto their website the ability of the Irish to have Your say and complain is democratic right for us, but in fact you can have Your say, and then they will tell you 'stick it up your arse.'

for me, as a person wounded, hurt, traumatised in life and by sickness and disability i have an immense amount of common sense, intelligence, spirit and character. I will say to the HSE, when any of you get sick be prepared, you will be treated pretty much the same as you have treated me, especially if you need extreme care as an x-nurse who worked amongst you for over thirty years has and has been denied a medication to keep her alive.  I do not refer to myself here, but another case placed in the media and common domain.

you are the most wonderful bunch of crooks and callous individuals i think i have even clapped eyes on, and i have only met this type in the caring, loving HSE, the awful awful system present in the wonderful saintly and scholarly shitty little country called Ireland.

what i also say to the HSe, many know you for what you are, its a game to you but serious for us.
we need you but you turn the other way with the budget concerns in one hand and the lawyers in the other.
but health is not one of the things you care a jot about.
I hope i live to see the day the HSE is disbanded, that the Irish, the good Irish will stand up and say 'enough is enough.' we deserve a good health care system for our citizens.

for those wounded, hurt and harmed and abused by the Health Service Executive, i have begun a solidarity page on Facebook called 'victims of the HSE.'
it will soon become a private page because its sensitive, and people there deserve that.
go on and join if you have a reason to, i am waiting to galvanise the troops, and help us help each other get through our lives in a vulnerable state but with strength and courage when we have to deal with our caring public health care representatives of the Irish State, free so they say from oppression, like hell we are free from oppression.

for the good in the state, a happy christmas and gather your wits about you for a gallumping new year, gather calm, peace, and rest for the rest is needed for the battles ahead, if you are a decent person in this state, stand up to the evils in it.


Bridie Cox said...

I am a whistleblower. For that I lost the job I loved. I was caring and compassionate. I was Professional in my dealings with patients amd staff
I kept myself professionally updated in order to provide the best international practice.I blew the whistle on the perpetrators of all types of abuse inflicted on the voiceless.My colleagues who individually voiced their concerns to me about the abuse they were witnessing turned their backs on me . In fact they contributed to the dismantling of my career and good name.I will continue to seek redress and in doing so I will restore my good name

Awnyah said...

Bridie i am sorry you lost the job you loved. my twin sister also was a whistleblower and lost her job.
she got redress in a way but never got her job back,
stay strong, get redress and restore your good name, its always the good people who get so hurt.