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Speaking on Irish Health Systems, my new approach, for a new year

hello everyone.
firstly i am on the cusp of reaching the grand number of hits of 13,000.  I thank you to consider it worthwhile to hear what i have to say.

We have a new year, its good to see the end of 2014, as you know it wasn't good for either my twin sister and myself.
i hope this year will bring exciting changes in every way.  both of us wish for this and need it.
we are not young and we are very sick.
we deserve that break that will bring us to the realm where most can attain at the end of their life, a bit of peace and happiness.

well the title of this blog is just that, my new approach.
we know from my writings that i have found one system a particularly damaging system within the Ireland ways.
it is of course our health system, with its Public and Private divide.
the Private system has not changed or deviated in many ways since the setting up of the Private system, indeed the only thing that has happened, its getting far too expensive to buy into a policy and plan now, harder than ever.
Market driven, not at all, greed, my friends.

the Public system has been decimated.
we experience this and know it.

but the System is what i wish to look at this new year.
i want people to understand it from a birds eye perspective, the client.
the patient, the sickie, the vulnerable, the hurt, damaged and left.
thats the real view of this system, and its of course mostly in the Public system where the dynamic i speak of exists.

I want not to attack people, but a 'system' and a 'dynamic' that has reached a point of no return and an evilness now in our midst.
People on the ground are trying very hard indeed, and most are very well meaning and work very hard indeed.
but again its the system i speak of.

I will try and do this form of enlightnment for everyone, so that there is clarity and no ambiguity of what i mean by systems' failures.

I look at it from my view, a sick person's view, who is open to hurt, damage and abuse, by 'the system.'
in order to put anything right, most must know what is wrong.
many times i feel the Irish don't understand what is wrong because they have not reached the point of needing a health care system and therefore they are blind to it, and there are other ways they do not know.
they are not allowed to know.
they are not informed, and this is a distinct directive of again, the same 'system' and media plays a huge role too.

the people who are hurt as well are silenced.   So much damage has been done to the psyche of the sick that they will go into a hole and refuse to say another word, because the dynamic of this 'mafia type' system is to blame the sickie in every way leaving the sickie with no back up as in confirmation.  There is no accountability or fairness in this practise of health care in ireland today.  It happens that a sickie who protests is deprived of better services than ones who are more easier to manage, that is those who shut up and say nothing.  Many would say 'ah no they are not that bad.'  Actually, they are!

One example at the start of the year is enough and it goes very much like this:
we have managers in each area and these are called Primary Health care Managers.
They are drafted from the professions, but rarely meet the client on the ground, and rarely meet a lot of their own workers either.
They are there to divide out the pot of funding.

we have the workers on the ground who actually do see the sick person, in our case living in the community these are the community care teams.

practicianers within Primary and Community Care are drawn mainly now from part timers and job sharers and people who come back to work after an absense.  there are also those who have been there for absolute decades.
When systems stagnate over decades no change takes place, and a belief that a practise works pretty much sticks.
Job sharing and part time work is good for many areas of work relationships, not good in health were expertise is not experienced through time.
Therefore there is a disjointed system already.
We also have far too few workers as well so the clients are not known as people and with souls, just alot of sick on a conveyor belt needing a bit of something now and again.  Only a few are known in depth, leaving many vulnerable people left out altogether, because they do not speak up and get lost and suffer silently.

As a sick patient/client and community person, living in the community i am supposed to have equal rights as others in the community.
we have laws, quite a few have been built up and  the biggest is the 'idea' of 'the social model' and the 'client is at the centre of her/his own care' therefore you would think with new thoughts, ideas and actual policies dating back a fair while now for it to be a fully integrated ideal, things should be changing for the better.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
They are getting far worse.

One sick person makes a complaint against a Manager, for argument sake.
This complaint has to be investigated.
The complaint's officers are other professionals from the same organisation as the person complained about.
the complaints officer investigates.
It is extraordinary, every time it is weird and wonderful, weird and creepily ineffective, bizarre and economic with the truth, a complete white wash.  Aimed to be.
The complaints officers chose who they will speak to about the complaint.

they rarely chose everyone connected with the complaint and rarely speak to named people you yourself wish to have interviewed as part of the process of complaint.

they interview the immediate group of the HSE officialdom around the person being complained about.
The complaints officers are NOT outside the HSE, in fact many are within the same AREA geographically as the HSE official being complained about.
They can even be just a tier above that person, so effectively they are investigating their own colleagues.
This is the first rule of thumb in the basic structure of the HSE - shore each other up, say nothing against your colleague and do not get found out.
After that, the reports written are lop-sided, brilliantly drafted and brilliantly convincing.

The one thing that is not seen in all of this complaint process is the truth.
this gets buried, because its not a complaints process at all.
it 'plays' as a complaints process.
it is in-house working around a complaint then its to the legal team for overseeing so that the final report can be sent out as kosher enough to send out.
The let down is enormous.
you KNOW the complaint is valid, you know you have been wronged but you also know, with this type of complaints process it can go nowhere.

You cannot have an official of the same organisation in the same area investigate a complaint against a colleague who sometimes can be even a friend.
tis daft!

Many do not understand this!
The process that is there to uphold best practise, is only best practise of deception so that no bad practise is ever revealed to the 'outside world.'

Lets say a detective seargent shot a person in his own catchment area, is it right that his superintendent investigates and makes the decision of who is right and what happened and then exhonerate the gun slinger?
This is what is happening in the HSE in Ireland, our health service exec.

The one law that must be upheld in the HSE - do not get found out.
i will teach you in almost ten easy steps how they do this.

The complaints process is only one.
Lets say you complain about the investigation outcome which is highly flawed, inaccurate and one sided.  It can go no further because there is no where to take this to.
You can go to the Ombudsman but many do not but yu can then try and effect change by lobbying your local area or your constituent TD holding parlimentary office not so much to get them to say your complaint is valid but to request they see if the impasse which brought about the complaint in the first place can be resolved.

When its about a denied service, this is investigated by a member of the politician team and they write and ask the HSE whats this all about.
Well the HSE has a shining answer, probably put to a legal team before answering, but its wonderfully scripted writing.  Believe me they would do well in Hollywood so they would, the imagination is extraordinary.
Your complaint, but also your personality is brought into question in all manner of ways therefore most will then back off, and it dies, dead.
On the spot.  you are like a squatted fly.  That is intentional, they have this down to a fine Art.

Herein lies a problem within the HSE.
Its about the biggest.
The lack of accountability within the organisation is astounding and the litigation fees alone are staggering leaving even less money in the coffers meant for helping the sick and frail.

The need, the overriding need of the HSE is to protect the HSE.
Strange thing though.
We all know its rotten.
its been spoken about in the government chambers as being 'not fit for purpose' and must be 'disbanded.'  Its out of control and too big.
YET the same people making this statement then go about and employ ten per cent more MANAGERS!  Its this layer that are the lynch pin of corruption and an unworkable group in the whole organisation!

i think for day one of 2015 i will leave you this to digest.
Remember folks, no names have been offered here and none implied.

What i am saying is 'this is the experience of many i know now who have been wounded by the HSE, damaged by the HSE and hurt by the HSE.'
It is experience explained in order to stop the damage for this damage is, er damaging for a sick person.

It has to stop.
When it cannot be stopped apparently as it is in its present form, someone has to demand it stop and you can only do this by making it known, so that the wool is not pulled over people's eyes.
So far the wool is shaggy and thick.
Not many can see the deviousness within the HSE or believe you, that is why it will be so hard to break down.

A vast amount spent on hiding the truth, its hard to let it out, and get it out.

it only comes out by those who are at the receiving end, not by the organisation itself.
It gets out too by good people who also are willing to get it out there.
There are actually many within the HSE who hate the way it is all going but are afraid.
They can be called whistleblowers, and they now are protected species. We the sickies are not and are not protected in any way whatsoever. We are open both to further abuse and denied services and victimised, we will be hurt by saying the truth.  This i HAVE experienced.
Its a worry for me, that this is so because i need services.
But i also have a heart and soul in justice.
I want the plate cleaned up and licked of mess and evilness at the core of this state's Health Service Executive.
You can work professionally without destroying those you are employed to work FOR, the sick!

You can be a good professional or be a bad one.

Right now there is an imbalance, there are far too many generals and corrupt and horrible people at the top.
there are far too few who are willing to say 'the emperor has no clothes.'
does anyone know what happened that boy who said this?
He was in the end believed.
I say, 'the emperor has no clothes' now i have to get you to see why i say this.


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