Tuesday, January 6, 2015

when hospital becomes a very sick place to be

when a hospital becomes the object of terror and fears, it has so because its operations is so dangerous that its actually terrorizing its patients and clients.
may i change the word 'disabled' to 'so sick so...' get equal get vocal
you will if your life has been in danger in an
Irish healthcare hospital or A'E
when i use the word 'clients' i mean this.
if you pay for a good hair cut, you pay for a good hair cut and you can complain if you do not get good value.
my twin protesting about HEALTHCARE
how important is the health care then.
we are clients.
all within the healthcare services are there because we pay them to be, to care for us.
From the surgeon with high skills, to the Head of the Department of Health, to the consultants, the nurses and the administrators.
NONE would have a working life, a wage without us 'clients.'

we are there because we need them and its equal to the 'good hair cut'

anyone ever been to a hair stylist as a experimental dummy for a junior?  well i have in my student days and the scissors cut into the back of my neck.

Now this was the cheaper version of the real McCoy, i was being experimented on and hoped that the result was good enough for the cheap or no fee given.
but in fact, all of us pay towards health care indirectly.
we have no alternative.  it is placed there, (the cost of) in direct and indirect taxes.

Even if we do not pay enough for Health we should at least expect to have paid enough to stay alive in a healthcare facility because to be terrified to enter a hospital in case overcrowding causes illness, mayhem causes mistakes and your life is on the line even after entering for some time minor then we are in basically - deep shit.

Ireland seems in deep shit right now.
we have hit that hammer hard and the clanger and clanged out to 600 plus one more.
the highest ever numbers on a hospital trolley or chair in an A'E facility here.

we have had mild weather and only in the last fortnight we have had zero temperatures one or two nights in this time.
bugs come in, you go in and you are in utter dread and fear of what next.

if you are already compromised in your health and are already sick, how scared can your country allow you to get or be, before they realise we are oh boy in deep shit.

where is our Minister for Health right now.
when we are facing an even worse crisis in our hospitals than ever before, has he taken a longer holiday than all of Ireland (all of Ireland are back to work) the Dail our gov doesnt come back until the end of the month.

Hey man, you are being paid a vast sum.
can you help us not die in our healthcare facilility while you ski on some austrian or swiss slopes (i think they have snow to do this, which is our pity actually).

you have let your people down.
we are not a big country, we are peanut size and i mean it.
we are peanut size giving most of our cash to germany.
we are peanut size with a massive health issue in our peanut size country and our peanuts of ministers are scattered all across the globe and not here.
we are letting our people die, and our peanuts are rolling around laughing some place else but in this island.
this time a small injury and comforted
next time what could or can it be?
i am terrified of entering a hospital in Ireland.
with a rare disease and far more besides, many things can spell the end of my life and i have been told, do not come in for long or if at all because its dangerous for you to get a bug here and so i tell them this on my arrival.
i practically wet myself with fear.

how bad is that?
how bad is it when citizens of a small country are frightened of going to a place to get better when they could end up in a box with a funeral being prepared thereafter and you are heading for the hereafter?

we have a bad situation here in my country.
we need some warriors here to help us, will my country stand up and riot over the healthcare inhumane treatment and the human rights violations all across the board.
i personally have felt far too much of this service.

although the water debacle has spelled the death knell of the present gov i want the irish to say also rise up and do something about our medical care services NOW, not when money is coming back for it has to be found now.
whats there is being used up in litigation from badly served clients - suing is the new management planning of the HSe.

not only disabled but very sick
any time in hospital means 'you are in deep
shit my gal'

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