Monday, September 14, 2015

how important is healthcare and who is important enough for it?

when you are living on this planet and alive you want to really stay here awhile.
for sure as eggs is eggs there is no coming back.

but while here we have whats called 'disciplines'
these 'disciplines' became disciplines through learning and study and hard work.
we have the doctor, the baker, the candlestick maker.

remember one thing my friends, each was born and each will die.
so who choses who should die first?
as in when you become ill.

is it the bet not, but then there is a toss up between the baker and the candlestick maker.
it will be the one with insurance that gets it by a long margin, methinks.

but i want to stay alive.

And i did once enjoy being alive.
until i became so sick.

some if on the bottom rung both by qualification, status and class may be lucky.
those with the so called 'better personality' for instance will win that extra inch to stay alive.

but the 'better personality' is the one that is quiet, demure and diplomatic.

what if you are not quiet but quite vocal?
what if the quiet one says, 'i would rather not take that thank you.'  When the vocal one will say just 'NO, I am not taking THAT!'
see the difference already.

this is call judging by the cover.

the two people could be the same, have the same feelings, likes and dislikes, but one says it politely and quietly, the other just sort of says it.
thats called personality.

we loved John McEnroe, "You can't be serious"  and we still love him.
but we are very serious.

those of us who are blowsy and who have a bright and sunny personality but go wild with enthusiasm, rage and song and dance are the ones that may come off on the sticky when sicky.

it doesnt mean that the personality is bad, its called personality.
some seem to blur the boundaries between personality and character and personality and crimminality!
i kid you not.
its again the perception thing.

another thing that could mean you up the stakes on better health care.
the educational status you reach, even if at the time of the education, you were in a country who gave you neither the grant, nor the help to go further, it doesnt matter.
if you stayed and were denied the education because of lack of finance doesnt mean you not bright.
it means you stayed in the country that denied you the education due to lack of finance.

but definitely in this country which denied me the chance to do better in life, the status is actually stacking up the kudos for better health care.
so too is the personality.
the status,
the stuff that matters is now looking decidedly dodgy for your healthcare.

i never committed a criminal act in my entire life.
i never defrauded anyone.
i never tell lies, in fact i find that almost impossible to do because if i could i would if it got me out of a sticky.
i am not demure and placid.
i do not have an educational status of any great standing.

i have personality.
i am warm.
i laugh alot.
i talk alot
i cry heaps.
i give good hugs.
i care about people, all sorts of people and always have.
i educated myself and known to be equal in IQ despite not going to university to one who received a doctorate.
a bit like Oliver too, i said 'can i have some more' but in my case i used a far shorter phrase "NO"
and because i used that i got the Oliver treatment.

its crass too to think that the prejudices set out in ireland of today are from those that claim to be educated.
they are the 'disciplines' i speak of earlier but in the case i speak of - healthcare these disciplines are the OT's the Physios, the doctors and the Primary care teams.

these are supposed to be as a group the educated, the fortunate, the status bearers.
i see it differently.
they are in the main
never give a hug
and couldnt care a shit.

but they have status.
is it worth it, has it been worth it.

you too can be hated you know for all you call your status.
because with it came cruelty which the lowly blowsy, Olivers, of this world are putty and sensitive and caring.

i have rescued the suicidal, the alcoholics, the amputees, the distressed, the elderly, the blind and those in nursing homes.
i have done all this pretty consistently, which is a bit more than most would do but its not enough.

if you have personality, no money, no status, no cred, and no bonus plus you are actually just a piece of shit to the ones in the 'disciplines'
in other words i am fucked.
and i live in ireland.
shit hell i really am fucked.
night now, plenty to think of there.
the next time you decide to be florid and happy and all over the place, think twice, mother nanny is watching over you, and so is father prat and stern uncle doctor and the ones who mistake deafness for shouting, shouting for abuse and saying "NO" for rudeness.

I still call it a blowsy deaf personality who will not let the fucking prats tell me what to do.
thats cost me my healthcare so it has.

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