Saturday, October 17, 2015

Who is stealing the Irish Crown Jewels?

I think your nuts are being stolen......!
Mulling about life in Ireland today i think of a few things only.

the state of the nation
the state of our health care system
the state of community.

and with that once thought upon i also thought too a fact.   Its all wiped off the map, entirely.

we are now claiming to be celebrating 100 years of Freeeeeeedom, from oppression and dominance and subjugation and annihilation.

ha, in the last decade alone Ireland seems to have lost all it had gained in a particular way called yes, corporate affairs and the EU, we are subjects of Europe and we have been annihilated.

we have sold our souls to the highest bidder.
we did this because 'they' the ones at the top thought it would be the only way we could get rich.
they thought that we needed to be rich.
the also thought we needed to be the same as every other country and started feeling sorry for themselves that we had not achieve world class status.

what it has achieved to this end, that is world class status, is completely lost the run of themselves and so lost the country too.
we are lost.

so i got thinking of what Ireland has or had and what Ireland is and isn't and what Ireland could be great at when all else fails and all else has failed.

Ireland is tiny.
teeny weeny in the scheme of things.
but with an ego and arrogance matching humpty dumpty with no brain at all.

We are a small country folks, i mean really small.
to put it in perspective a very worthy notable in the neurology field Prof. Orla Hardiman pointed out wisely and correctly, that there were more neurologist in Mongolia then there are in Ireland.

we could and should have more.
but we are small and have not actually looked after the people who are sick with neurological decline.

but we do tend to lose things, and medical expertise is down the tubes as well.

i digress.
what do we have?
lets look at the saying 'the land of saints and scholars'
it might have been a bit of a gloss on crookery (which we really DO have) but its quite noteworthy and actually classy to be saintly and scholarly i think.
we could make it a world class act if we really tried instead of believing we can be like America or Germany or Russia.

we are not
we are teeny weeny itsy bitsy yellow polka.
that small.

we have no natural resources, (oh yes, we do actually but we have just sold all that to Shell who shall export it all OUT).
we have no minerals, or mines.
we have no land oil, but we have gas fields.

the vultures are already here pecking at that big time.

we could become the centre of learning, the centre of study and research.
we also could be a world class act of telling and showing how the christian ethos has not died, its living in a secular society that actually cares about its people.

now this is what i call 'feeling the heat'  for better or for worse
we could be a shining light.
this is expensive, this is world class, this is leadership and leading the way for all the world which alas is following Ireland - oh i laugh out loud!
the world has gone mad.

but so too has Ireland.
so what do we do after we have got rid of Ireland, and i think we already have done that.
we might fully understand our foolishness when the pigeon comes home to roost
i am not sure but nearly certain of this.

we could contemplate each other in a meaningful way and stop the march of stepping over the homeless bodies, as New York is familiar with now for decades when we once were not.

we could knuckle down and train up ~(well) the medics and the staff and researchers which could lead us to be world class in healthy living and leadership in nutrition, care, consideration and community.
these are valuable commodities.

its not hypothetical, i am deadly serious.
i am dying of the cold so i am, i best crawl to the A'E there is 'heat' there.
while we are choking in the A'E's right now we are seriously a dying nation.
so we have to use what we once had, if not in the same format but in the same idealistic way and away from that ridiculous notion that we are actually important - now.
we are not important.

how important do you think Ireland is.
to Europe we are, because they are taking all our money and our country, they are nicking it from us right from under our very noses.
did i say 'egg heads' or did i say 'poppy heads'
but we are not important and the egg heads in the government thing we are, the slimy devils actually believe we are so so wonderful it is unbelievable.

well, i don't believe it, so its unbelievable to me.

will someone take note of what Ann is saying here.
will the rest of Ireland cop on.
we are a tiny bead in a vast sea of mostly plastic and we are polluting our heads and minds with notions of grandeur above our station.

we are tiny.
if you look carefully we (ireland) are located on the second right hand branch of the middle bare tree but we are that bud at the tip
i have said that now a few times.
we are green, is that better?
we are a tiny green little isle in a vast sea, we are unattached.

presently i am not in love.

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