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Men v. Women The war of the sexes - in H.......

Is the writer a woman? Does she own these dogs?  Is she therefore a wimp?
Answer - the writer is a Woman. Be warned -  The Writer ain't no pushover
there are many wars to be honest, between men and women.

if i am right and the hits on this title are large, we all seem to know about them.

Did you know of one particular one though?


Well, Women know about this alright and its also a proven one, the war is on..... Men!

Its not so much a war, but it is definitely about 'some mothers do have em'  and its about men who are doctors, and i am concentrating on one country, Ireland.

its a fact.
we are an incredibly misogynist country.

but it seems its also in politics and religion, of the latter the whole WORLD knows about that particular war, the fairer species is inferior.

but is it too about 'Trust?'
are women to be trusted.

is that what it is, rather than a war AGAINST women.

is it that we are inferior because we are not to be trusted?

or is it about 'Intelligence?'

Is it that we are stupid that we are not to be trusted and there is a war on.

or is it about 'Being Liars?'

Is it that, we are stupid, we lie and therefore cannot be trusted?

or, wait again, is it about Hormones?

We are stupid, we lie, we are not to be trusted because when our hormones flare we do too, therefore we are inferior!

its none of these things.

In fact women do better, in Ireland in science and maths in the Leaving certificate.
We work harder - fact.
Is this a Doctor?  Is this a Man's Dog or is it a Woman's dog?
the answer ..............This dog is both a doctor and it belongs to a female, who is not a doctor!
Is this a doctor?  Is this a man's dog or a woman's dog?  This is a Doctor!  YES!  SHE is a WOMAN!
this dog is a woman's dog, belonging to a woman who isnt mad on Irish Male Doctors!
therefore we are bright, if not brighter than men.

can we be trusted, well we can actually because we are trusted all the time with little helpless babies, its men that are not to be trusted with them!

is it because we are not strong.

we are actually, very strong.  Why do i say this, because as soon as there is trouble in the camp when it comes to children, men usually just walk away.
if a child is disabled the men walk out.
women don't, they stay, the face it - for better or for worse they face this.

Do we lie?

well no, no more than men, we are trusted to have a bank account for instance.
and we are more trusted to deal in finance and why do i say this?

because what brought this country down were men, male bankers, all of them.
so too the developers, and the housing trade, men, all of them.

so why when it comes to health we are 'perceived' as lying, whinging, stupid, weak, mentally defective and lazy?

its a good question, innit?

and i think the men should begin to answer them square on.
because, i can!
I am bright, intelligent, fair, strong and mentally able.  I am also practical and do not lie.

that's why i can say what i say.
the men are at fault in all of this.

Men chose to see women as weak, feeble, liars, hormonally strung high and daft as a brush.
I chose to see men as misogynist.

because they are!

How do i say this regarding health care and health and medicine.
here is why.

because i have been dealing with two health care systems for the past few years therefore i know men treat women dreadfully badly when they are doctors in Ireland as opposed in the UK, in the NHS.

here is the difference and here is the proof.

I go back as far as 2008.
can you tell the difference?  who may need a psychiatrist?  Is it the women in the wheelchair or the man with a book on his head?
this was my first trip out - i had to get out because Ireland left me for dead, i was to return home and take the anti-depressants.
it didn't matter that at the time i was a wheelchair user and couldn't get out of one!
that's entirely beside the point!

i went to London.
i was treated courteously, i was treated with a friendly embrace (not physical) but it was embracing and wonderful.
within five minutes and a bit of a chat i was diagnosed with Primary Sjogrens Syndrome.
whether it was because Ireland didn't know about this condition or didn't bother to test for it i am unsure.
but it only took five minutes!
i kid you not.
confirmation came with the bloods, but if the Irish had looked at the bloods they would have seen what i saw and which saw me head for the Lupus Centre, immediately i could.
Is this a Woman?  Is this a Doctor?  Is she Mad or an Artist?  This is a woman, who is NOT a doctor, but yes, she is a Mad Artist!
I did not do seven years medical school nor did i do my internship or be a registrar in any hospital.
i just took the same piece of paper with the same blood tests results that all Irish doctors had and i researched.  it was Lupus to me, but ah i was wrong but nearly right so that's clever with no degree so it is, it was sjogrens syndrome, the same spectrum of autoimmune diseases.
it should have been easy peasy to an Irish medic, we are supposed to be trained up well.

anyway a year later i was walking and back for review in the UK.
i was greeted with outstretched arms - they couldn't believe it, i was not in a wheelchair, i came into the room walking.
'my miracle patient!' said the consultant.
not really, i was just treated and under treatment and it was working.

but of course that wasn't the only thing happening and i had considerable muscle wastage.

back in Ireland i was left, i have now been out a few times, and all these outings brought a diagnosis.

OK then after five days in a side room in an Irish hospital i was told to go home and lie in a darkened room, my symptoms were probably migraine.
well there is a vast difference between menieres and migraine.
now even the Irish should know this one.

no i didn't do the research on tis but the next time out they discovered it.
yep, simples.
well it should have been to Irish medics.
they do diagnose menieres disease.

but in my case i was left in a side room.

the bit about dodgy genes and the fatigue, i was simply told i had ME.
well, no i couldn't said a guy from Imperial college UK, if i already have crohns i couldn't have ME.

but there is more to it than this.
its the way the Irish walk too that is different, that is the Irish doctor, they walk funny, see.
the men do anyway.
is this a woman?  Or...Is this a factory made tin woman pretending to be a woman?
Its brainless, therefore its not a woman, its tin, therefore its not a woman, it doesn't not have blood in its veins, therefore it is not a woman. It's a Tin woman NOT pretending to be a woman
In the UK they walk well, well they walk well beside the patient as they push her, yes A WOMAN back to the ward, they actually do not go all paralysed at the thought of walking/pushing a wheelchair back to the ward, and pushing a woman no less.

they do it, and they speak as if you have intelligence, about all manner of things, including travel and art.
here they wouldn't do that, or couldn't, i have yet to determine.
Do Wheelchairs move suspended from ceilings?  Are wheelchairs pushed?  Who is usually in them?
No, wheelchairs are not usually suspended from ceilings, they stay firmly on the ground.  They can be pushed (by a man or a woman!)  Sick or Disabled used them (no, not always those who cannot use their legs, eg spinal cord injury)
finally, do wheelchair users usually wave hatchets?  YES and NO!  Believe me there are many reasons why they can and sometimes do  not or chose not to.
its also physically impossible to swing from the ceiling in the horizontal position.
but they don't walk you to the ward.
they never push a wheelchair
cos they cannot walk that well nor speak that well to a woman patient, or wouldn't.

Who are these Women?  Are they Sick?  Why are they in the same bed together?
They are Ann Kennedy and Dr. Margaret Kennedy
They are Sick.
They are saving NHS Laundry (NO), they are sharing the only Fan on the ward!
Would Male Twin brothers who are Adult do this?
 another thing too.
they dont sit cross legged at the feet of a patient.  let alone a woman.
but they do that in the UK, even consultants.
especially if they are examining legs.
no this isnt sexists, its about doing a medical exam on legs.
they get down the level of legs, bare ones at that, of a WOMAN!  oh my, such a difference, such a shock.
And not only that, but they collaborate.
they actually do joined up thinking, they talk to a lesser species as if she is actually an equal.

no in ireland they wouldnt do that, or couldnt.
they will not work alongside a physiotherapist, that is rarely, i knew one female doctor working with another female doctor, together in the one room.
but never with a male doctor.

they just do not do it.

Men do it so so differently here.
they like to stick to the one room, they feel outside their comfort zone if they do not see a patient in a room which has a desk between patient and himself.

Doctors here, consultants, ask you at every consultation what medication you are on.
over 'there' they do not.
they may do once, the rest of the time, its written in stone, that is on file so they can refer to it, before a consultation.

its surprising too cos in the uk they have a good deal more patients than here.
i mean, we have only roughly four million, given that a million are in effect healthy.
in the uk they have about 50million, given that eight million are healthy.
Is the Owner of this Foot a Woman or a doctor?  is she a Liar, ignorant, feeble, cheat or hormonal?
Does she need a Doctor, a physiotherapist, botox and proper shoes?
The owner of this foot is a Woman.  the Owner of this foot is a Doctor.  She is NOT a Liar, She is Not Ignorant, she is Not feeble, NOR a cheat Nor Hormonal, the hormones are as dormant as most Irish doctors (males that is)
so its not that we are ignorant, weak, feeble, mad as a march hare, liars or cheats, that they treat us as if we are.
its because they perceive us to be liars, cheats, feeble, mad and hypochondriac.
they chose to do it.
the part that tells me one thing about the inferior versus the superior bit is, they dont push wheelchairs.
they simply wouldnt do it, its beneath them.

i call this absolutely pathetic so i do.
some of our most famous scientists and doctors have been female.

and i will leave one note to dwell on here with pure joy to be hold.

Every single condition that i have now presently, has been diagnosed in the UK.
nothing in Ireland.
Bar of course, hypothyroidism, which i think would be easy and crohns which is dead easy cos you can be absolutely sick as a parrot with that and i had to have surgery.
but, here is the catch, he didn't believe i was feeling unwell on the day of discharge.

what happened, my wound burst three days later and i was back in hospital.
i nearly flipping died.

we have the most amazing male doctors in Ireland.
someone should say something about this, i really think they should.
they could even do a doctorate on it.

it would be such a revealing thesis, but i think my blog wins me that doctorate.
i have it in one.
men are too posh to push - in Ireland
they don't trust women.
they are misogynist in Ireland.....Finally.....Would you TRUST these Dogs?
No, especially the one on the left, SHE BITES both Male and Female!

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