Friday, May 12, 2017

oh for water to swim in - when very sick

2009-2017 i have sought out - water!

i seek it here and i seek it there and no where is it to be found - in ireland.

I seek out a special type of water ....its called warm water.

I see it first in the public pools
and a hotel

All were too cold for i am sick

i seek it secondly in a hydro pool, most are developed here in Ireland either privately or in hospital settings.

Hospitals first:
A rehabilitation facility who first stated i needed it in 2009 said in 2017 that 'we do not fit in.'  that is, they can't allow us use this pool.  it is about ten miles away if that.

i sought it at a hospice i attended for a while, they allow mother and baby groups, but not an x-hospice user.

I sought it again at a school for disabled children - no joy.

I sought it again at a centre for learning disabled people - but it was only to be used for learning disabled.

i am attempting to get into a rehab facility as an inpatient, but it will mean i get to use that pool once a day for half an hour!

in all this time, i have been completely unable to get water to do gentle exercises for a muscle wasting disease process.

i tried two hotels, both will not allow a 'pay as you go' fee, but you must join for a full year.  i have not that money.

if my government cannot offer me physiotherapy nor hydrotherapy, how am i to fulfil my ideal need that i keep my body in the best possible shape as i degenerate with a rare neuromuscular disease.

if i cannot get water, warm water in a pool, do you think the state should fund me to get to a pool weekly in a private facility.

Or am i not worth it?
and my twin not worth it?

is this the beginning of state organised euthanasia and private healthcare now in little holy ireland where the rich can pay for their hydro and the poor can seek, and seek and seek and simply not find.
2009 -2017

Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy (ongoing, no less) was first mooted in 2009 by a consultant in rehabilitative medicine, further suggested as a care plan in 2013,2014 and 2015 by specialist consultants in rare diseases units outside of Ireland.

Ireland is not looking after its chronic sick patients.

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