Tuesday, May 30, 2017

slainte care Ireland

the committee on health at government buildings launched a 'new way,' 'new approach' and i believe called it 'Slainte care:
From This....TO.....

From This....To This.....
We are calling the system Sláinte Care and are also proposing the launch of a new health card, called a Sláinte card.
“That card would give people an entitlement to access universal healthcare locally in their community, GP care and reduced cost medication.”
in better times, hurt and damage and harm done to me was only a great big damning series of events...in the future..that is as i speak now.
Absolutely everyone would welcome a new way of 'doing' the healthy thing, but lets see its deliverable in my life time.
we have a new dawn...Slainte!
god knows i have had a terrible time in the past ten years.
lets have a lick rather than a bark - Slainte!
right now i have no healthcare provision for what is deemed a 'heavy disease burden.'  if the government is committed to this, let them be committed to uplifting the hurt and the damaged and those suffering from the system that is presently in place.
Genuine care from this is welcome.
First though, is 'mending'.
Mending in a very meaningful way.
speaking to a disability advocate at the close of day i said i never thought what would happen me when i got sick would happen.
i never thought it possible actually.
i reminded her of what a life i had led until i became so unwell with a progressive neurodegenerative disease and we recounted what has happened since.
genuine committment to my healthcare would be what i want now, we launch but let it not only be for the future, but begin now.
those of us who have a 'life limiting' condition need to feel they can end their days with care befitting their disease burden but also honouring the future by beginning in the present.
by starting again, by bringing on board new ideas will be the educated, the bright new future and we all want this to happen.
I have seen too much suffering.
Any person who becomes sick puts faith in their healthcare professionals, when they fail you in such a manner that is dangerously damaging, they have failed you on the trust levels too.  A reminder to the disability advocate being - "How can i learn to trust again?"  also "Can they allow me to live again?" that would be the test of maturity and committment to change.

If the pettiness and the enslaught continues now for my twin sister and i the naming of Slainte will be pastiche and hypocrisy and nothing more.
we are awful good at launching new directives, new plans, and very poor actually in implementing them.
So many been, gone and dusted as launched, few implemented as modern and new, they are but 'launched.'
We have had the whole recognition of considering patients as part of the agenda, that is 'nothing about us without us.'  This has been said by the healthcare providers for a few years now.  On the ground the truth is anything but consideration of the patient, the client for which the largest employer of the state has been created.
we seem to forget that having over 100,000 workers for the health of the county has costed us lives, we have created an unhealthy healthcare system, despite giving the wage, the lifestyles, the mortgage and the pensions to so many civil servants to look after the sick!
Any change is welcome, but it has to be sincere.
We now have enough policies, programmes, visions and plans to paper palaces, lets see the shine on them come to glow in the Irish sun (yes, we get it from time to time).

i want to wake up and begin my day by being grateful i am alive.
i want to wake up with the plan to engage meaningfully in the god given day that is mine as i am a living entity, called human.
i want to wake feeling that humanness.  I want to be purposeful, present and joyous as the dawn rises.
I wake at present with sickness and dread in the pit of my stomach, the hope of being kept alive already deadened at dawning.
I wake at present tearful, painfully aware of my physical decline, my pain and the psychological fall out of damage done by the system we have at present in place.
oh wouldnt it be wonderful to wake, sick but well.  Sick but assured of the living part of being a human being equal to all and at least equal to 100,000 civil servants who depend on me and others being sick for them to have their own quality of life in wage assurances and their 'no sack' policy (i don't believe in this bit actually).
I want to be able to teach about justice, and truth.
i want to be able to say the truth in safety
to tell the people of Ireland never to forget that speaking truth is healthy and that truth will be a strength to uphold a nation, not allow my truth damage my personal life, because others determine that by myself speaking my truth they are aggrieved in some way that it may damage something belonging to themselves.  What damage i do is actually saying it 'warts and all.'  For this, i should be thanked.
My truth should never damage me, my twin nor any other person, it should never be fake truth and i demand that it be acceptable to speak the truth...
why?  Because fake truth, fake news, licking arse, bowing and cringing under abuse, being beaten to a pulp by bad practises of malpractise isn't the way we should run a small nation.
Everyone should be able to stand up and make another be accountable for wrong doing.
Too many are left unaccountable, we have it from all society in Ireland and it doesnt do our reputation any good at all.
Bring back those who will say it as it is.  To know that 'the emperor has no clothes,' is no shame to the emperor, he just goes to his wardrobe and gets the best pants in town.  Simples, in my mind.
a very universal injustice we have to change and march forth to change this pyramid of distruction
its called 'see it, believe it, change it and march forth.'
Am i hopeful.
I have to be.
the guinness is raised daily with the word Slainte, we value the guinness the world over, lets now value the Slainte.
I would value healthcare given to help me cope with my heavy disease burden.
i never felt it was too much to ask of 100,000 workers in this state, surely to god a few of them should feel the same.

i am all for....walking free in the knowledge that those honoured to care for the sick, vulnerable, elderly and disabled will freely give it without sanction of abuse as a top up.

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