Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One day here and another day THERE

Variety, they say is the spice of life.  It has to be said I and one other had that in spades.
We, twino and I sped to the rescue of a sick person in Ireland for the very first time.
She was a bit worse for wear and panicking rather badly.  "what kinda place was it?' she asked, 'It was awful, people gettin' sick, people drunk, it was mayhem, more like harlem, " she said in disbelief.
"what do you know about harlem, sure it couldnt have been THAT bad?"
I was a COP in Harlem!
'Oh," that put it in perspective.
a taxi man had driven her from the airport, (dublin) to the nearest hospital, there is a question mark which one as no labels, no receipts, no scripts could be found.  But she was...in an Irish Hospital - setting, yes, hospital Irish stye- or should that be - Harlem style.
A fantastic documentary winging back to the US of A in that one, and again SO embarrassing for our drunkard nation.
Now, on another day, I had the need for the FAST lane, home.  It was of course that of the Bus Lane at rush hour.
it was fast, believe me, it was fast.
I had been to a hospital, setting.
it was, er Florida style.  Clean, welcoming, plush and had Koi in the lobby pond, a big pond with some big Koi, "do not feed the fish" there didnt seem a need to, they were fat fish, some fat and some only tiddlers.
I make it to the floor of the consultant.
Ah she was loverly too.  absolutely.
everyone smiled, even the patients.  very expensive looking patients, you see what i mean?
Eyes, look after them now.
"what is the verdict," after some unusual testing.
A bit of macular degeneration, two forming cataracts...and..."where are the cataracts, are they bang?" "Yes, bang in the middle."
you need to know that actually.  right, a giggle is expelled and a doubt too.
you have a bit of rubella retinopathy as well and the sjogrens is playing havoc with the corneas.

the rem is thus:  tinted glasses, so trip to the National Assoc for the Blind.  "now dont get a fright," i am told. (I do). i need special kinds as i am 'an artist' well, trying to be anyway.
and 'we may have to consider (do you like the we bit?) duct plugs to stop your tears draining down your nose passage into the stomach passage and out the rear end passage"  My words, not hers, but it means the same in any language.
script for a drug to protect the eyes,
appointment for glacoma testing.
and a last shot of "well, the steroids you are on for the crohns speeds up the cataract formation, we may have to consider..."
and a final final last shot "the sjogrens is causing the bomb out extreme photosensitivity where I HATE light of any kind...out...
I speed, OUT, fast into the fast, forbidden Bus lane, not a bus in sight, i speed to the twin.
cuppa, slight rest and all is well with my world as i sit close to twino and ask her not to abandon me penniless (I am) and we watch black Saffi the cockerpoo and blonde Indi the Retreiver play."
now THAT is good medicine in spades.


Dr Margaret Kennedy said...

saffi & indi love each other. must get a pic on your site. after yesterday's supposed 'case conference', my US of A friends experience in a casualty here, then today being told by a neighbouring County council that those on social housing/or rather those Not on the list have to wait 10 years...i think i've dropped into a third world country. ye Gods is Ireland all bad or only for the poor?

Dr Margaret Kennedy said...

Well three in a row i guess...crap casualty, crap case conference and crap housing, 10 years to wait in next council! ye gods...are we in the third world? oh i guess its 4 in a row...crap eyesight.

could be worse...joke joke

Awnyah said...

Nope twino, Ireland is for the RICH, didnt they reduce our, (Poor) poor old disability pension and that of other poorlies.
i am sure Fr. Ted would have said a Feckin something or other.
now i recognise that profile pic, and when you have a mo, tell me how to change the feckin type colour on the blogs or noone will ever start readin and those that are, will give up!