Thursday, September 30, 2010

It was a rough day defo

Is there really such a thing as "when things go well, they go very well, and when they go bad, defo sour as - hell" or are there the better ones "it will get better, promise?" now is there a magic wand out there with the added 'promise' from the god or fairy who says this.
Is that the tooth fairy again.
The mood was rough,
the mind was rough
the sadness was rough,
and the sadness of another was v. rough.
there were tears caused by the swirling howls, from the ligntning whip tongue of a relative, and the tears of calm dejection on the other persons part.
there was the mad dash for the god and fairy promise from a friend.
then there was the mad dash to more water and roughness the sea and the hurtling rumbling, tumbling surf and the spash like tear shaped drops fo salt and the frothe of bashing hard onto what a hard surface.
to unit we were all churned up.
was that the reason for the belly down as i scabbled on the stones, and you hear that squnch of the stones grinding togehter and making way for the body and the feet and anything else inbetween
while i laughed and giggled and felt the breese and watched the chis explore from just about at their level i began to experience and out a body, sould, heart experience.  I was engulfed with joy and togetherness and murged further into the nature that was all around.
a thundering surf, ominous clouds, contented snoopers of chis, snuffling.
who could not be happy.
good shots too.
A man walked by with a soft hat and made a comment for which i couldnt catch.
he wasnt young, could have been fiveteen years older.
all along the shore he walked and disappeared.
i too, soon after the bather was out of the water.
i piled into the van, i wasnt so good  now, shattered, feeling sick and in pain.
well art equals pain, 'old  man's tale' but to day true.
i went to the vico, the clouds too good
who did i see coming up that hill - the elderly with the soft hat!
"you didnt WALK all the way here did ya?"
I did, was his reply.
we chatted.
'And i was wondering how did you get here before me.
"I drove" i confessed.
ah, we giggled for a second 'fix'
he informed me the dolphins on Sunday were a mother, daughter and a grandmother, now doesnt such info do the heart good?
it did mine.
he then headed down again, clipping his car door shut once he grabbed a bundle, his togs.
down down toward white rock and he was ducking in.
and i was fecking off...home.
by diverted roads but home.
half a day completed and their was more stormy later too

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