Monday, September 27, 2010

Professional opinion...

Yes, I can safely say it was not too difficult to decide on this one today.
a 'primary care team' meeting involving the primary person in this instance Awnyah no less.
there was a pro there, apart from Awnyah who will affirm what i say, we had two professionals and many kind people bar one who was a horror and thats putting it er, kindly.
To decide if the two groups should mix at all is now open for debate.
Surely they have souls too and a home to go to, to wrap up safe with partner, hubby, dog or duvet.
whether i can call this 'unit' a home is also up for debate.
it is not often a very sick person is shot at and an attempted attack is made while in your own home.
Even the social worker has never had such a case as this.
well i have decided we lack professionals, no one was actually up in arms (!) on my behalf, all looked sad, dejected and 'not a lot we can do' hung dog sight for sure.
nothing was promised, a waste of HSE money, a waste of emotional energy and some not even spending that either.
it does, too take a rather lack of professionalism to stick to the rules like mud does to shoes instead of lateral thinking.
i am all for lateral thinking.  we look up, down, left and right then right and left again.  you aim high, and you aim lateral....professionalism in a nutshell or bombshell, whatever

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