Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh lordie, dearie me!

i can rightly say that was the mother of all thunder storms in my patch today, fork lightening, sheet lightening, clashes, bangs, hisses, water pouring down in rivelets all over the land, disruption as in earthquake disruption, cracking, smashing, moving great big volumes.
the running this way, that, belting, pushing and flinging - the sky had opened, it was armagedon!

my twin and i fought - again, but a baddie.

this will have to go down in history of the storm of the Ishael.

and the Duns for that matter.

there will have to be an essay on twinship, surely this has called for one without a doubt.

where is the woolly notion of twindom?
who did the dum dee thing and it wasnt just Lewis Carroll?
if the people really knew, like, they are so DUM!

also this is equal to a love-hate relationship.
cannot live without, cannot live with!

we bloody know all the whys too.
its madness.
You really HAVE to have stayed knotted in one room for ones entire existance to have the twiddle in the dum dee for sure.

if you did that, you would have been called insane.
we didnt, we became what we are now for not living together for over 40yrs and right now both of us are standing on our heads.

and both, to boot, putting on weight!

i hope by now that my language will be noted for its reference to a certain childrens book - which by the way, i never could understand either.
it was double dutch, how on earth the children of the day understood the stuff in that is beyond me.

i got that book at around ten and i felt an idiot not understanding it.  it was so tough i turned it all up-side-down and looked at the pictures!

to be serious.  every single person alive is totally and utterly different.
not even twins can claim to be any different.
yes, quite a bit is similar and a hell of a lot is different.
on the love side, we do that ok.
we both have to work out why on this one too.
i love my twin, can i explain it?
No, if fighting like this happened between couples they would be filing for divorce and cashing in the dosh.
my twin and i never seem to walk away, despite our horrible words of late.

also i think its because we are growing fat in a very narrow and weeny social housing unit.
to leave the room for another one to pass is the INSANE bit!
imagine if you wanted to turn on the telly and the other person was between it and you, that person would have to get up and walk out, when the telly was on, that person walks right back in!
at least prisoners only get these cell like conditions when they are confined to quarters for bed and lights out!
And i have to draw the line on dogs, large ones, are jumping in my bedroom window to land on my body before i am awake, thats kind of very very annoying to say so mildly.
this great big gallumping woolly on top of me without warning, yikes that is not good at all.
anyway we have kissed and made up (my twin and i, i mean), saffi needs to back off a bit though.

whats to be done, whats to be done?
will the 'forever homes' please march in right NOW.

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