Thursday, July 28, 2011

conversation of giants!

This is a good one!

discussion for a brief period brought to mind tonight a thought.

the thought was instant, like a flash and not unknown.
the richness of education....and the difference in time of it, actually.

its all rather bungled up together.
 in this instance i think its pretty straight forward as i was only taking on one aspect.

It started with the fact that a certain person was rather nervous of a 'possible' court trial, to defend self from five charges.
"I am going to do a mock trial before we get to the court room."
yes, ok but this really got my goat.
I asked her what did she think my offense was - murder?
well it was not a lot to do with the offense, nor the court appearance, but Experience!

As in educational experience, as in what confronts you after your education or during it!

to me its simple.
you have the lifetime...of education...of living...interpretation....skills....and finally we have the results - diplomacy or complete and utter lack of it.
and both come from Education and of living that education and the results thereof.

there isn't a lot to argue about when you face paint and a two dimensional speaker of colour, vibrancy and intoxication.
You are overtaken completely and the paint wins hands down.
I dont have to debate that fact, argue over it, and neither do i have to be diplomatic to win cos there is no winner in this!
Colour wins.  Its vibrant, non verbal, non-judgemental, engaging and pretty safe actually, unless you kill it with 'overkill of 'palette-knife!'

On the other hand, the kill might come first so there is no longer the chance to argue the rights and wrongs and the disadvantages and advantages of the matter.
you work up to the prevention and in the process learn a valuable skill and it is pretty much diplomacy as in the skill of - Diplomacy.

Ah to be diplomatic when faced with the trials of life, the life-style.
in this there is no winner either.
one has to either win or lose and the odds are too great, so diplomacy wins hands down.

who is the better for their education?
a diplomate who negotiates the turbulance of mostly dysfunctional systems, disability, disadvantage and troubled persons with abuse issues and other?
Or a person who learns to understand their limitations through the engagement with a non-vocal medium that can if let, run amok before your eyes.
when one is struggling to contain the colour as it starts to go out of control you do tend to add more, take away some, a bit there and not so much here and omg, you cannot go any further, it gets abandoned or it succeeds.
there is no diplomacy in that.

we have a negotiator with the aggressor in one and we have a screamer screaming to contain 'oh jaysus its getting a bit beyond me, this.'
I am Green to be the negotiator and diplomat.
but very sunny about being a person who loves the soul in the surroundings where language is never uttered just that slight curve of the lip on the smile.
I have done pretty much as i have with colour.
i slashed and burned with the tongue as i would with the palette knife!
you win some you lose some!
you take a chance on this my friend.

but the diplomat works hard so that all win and no one loses, all win so that there isn't an outright winner and neither is there an outright loser.

but both have an essence of similarity - an achievement of understanding in the experience.

we have the peaceful peaceful calm (on the outer surface anyway) of the person who treads the boards with excellence and softness.
We also have the peaceful calm for the person who does not want to engage with language on such a level as to over power.
Experience has taught, one can crash out with overpowering language and not win that one, hands down.
so with the colourful language expressed in a non visual way you lose a lot.
with a relating tonal value of non grating colour but harmony one tends to win hands up and 'Ha, i told you so," (here she raises the hands), diplomacy of the long distance runner!

the lesson in the diatribe is 'Education is a life time learning skill.'
there are no outright winners and there is definitely no outright loser.
i win for peace.
she wins for being peaceful!
i state my case
The court case - may NOT materialise!

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