Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to become a world Super Power!

well my friends, a commentator states to me that Ireland is a backward nation and the trouble is we do not realise it.

I am trying to think aloud here when i analysis this statement.

We are a small nation trying to be of imperial status.

we can never be.
we have not 'the history' of experience behind us.
we have not the 'education' over generations behind us.
we have not had TIME to stabilize the way we run our nations business.
We have little confidence in our own ability.
we are trying to be something we can never be - at this stage in our development and history.

but we do have SKILL.

Ireland is KNOWN for all things other than being a super power.
we are trying to get known to being Super!

We are not.

that said, come back to what we have and how we use what we have and use it well -

We produce some of the finest doctors and research scientists in the world.
they move away to be creative workers in the third world and in the top research centres of america and other centres of excellence internationally.
They do not stay here,  due to mainly i think, utter chaos of organisation here.

We produce the most loved pop musicians in the world.
they never stay and become tax exiles.  this is a waste.

We also produce the finest designers of clothing and hats whose work is desired by leaders, pop stars, hollywood and others.

We have people working in materials which are home grown that would be relished in other nations portfolios.

we have people who understand colour, design, using materials and crafting.

People working in metals, silver and sculpture.

we produces some of the finest writers and poets.

we have some of the best farming land in the world, with farmers who understand the land.

we simply cannot MANAGE.

As a country importing raw materials is a horrendous cost and burden on enthusiastic workforces.
the basic workforce demands too high wages for a small country to sustain and compete with 'super powers.'

We use TIME badly and this is not cost effective.
WE use Communication badly and duplication is all over the place and everywhere, the public service being a case in point.

when we have the setting up of review bodies after review body when things go wrong we are duplicating on costs.
when we get things wrong we incur further costs.
when we do not have solid law and law reforms, things can go very badly wrong.
when we employ 'experts' and yet have people being paid to govern, we are wasting valuable money and it leads to lack of learning, because someone else will do that for us.

We are expecting far too much too soon.

We must learn to use what we have NOW, not expect to be something we cannot be, without experience, history and centuries of trial and error.

We are losing our best through inefficiency of management and greed, expecting high wages of european standard and actually in a lot of cases we pay the workforce far greater amounts here than other countries.

 In some instances cannot attract anyone to the top jobs because the chaos of management is so great no one will come and work here and our young people will be attracted to efficient use of their time where harassment, chaos will not be visited upon them, unnecessarily.

We sit on 'policies and proceedures' for decades without passing the laws, agreements and other which will allow us move on and inch closer to modernity and experience.

we have a cultural, skillful, educated brain drain, costing us in economic terms billions.

we cannot continue to sell off our state assets without actually looking at the present moment and seeing how we can retain a force of educated people who leave as soon as ireland has spent millions doing the educating of these people!

When we look at supplying equiptment in the health system -
you can get for half price, wholesale walking aid for those who need walking aids for less than HALF of what it presently costs the HSE to buy ONE!
proven, we have done it, and told this by a member of the HSE.
In Africa a very poor nation, they make their own hearing aids, using the sun to power them.  I kid you not, these are cheap and work for a nation that can not afford the top end of the market.

we have skills here in Ireland to do just this in so many other ways.
we can teach a workforce to make all manner of expensive appliances.  Not continually repair and repair ones beyond their 'sell by date.'
this too, creates employment and a skilled workforce.
working in metal we can powered wheelchairs, i see no reason for the young are interested in all manner of mobility aids, eg the fast cars, the motor bike and as the young men do, have their heads under the bonnets for hours, tinkering.
this tinkering can become a very useful skill.

Poor products never last!
maintaining poor products to work on string is not cost effective.

For every doctors appointment you can get two letters stating time and date of these, two instead of one.

The raw materials ARE in Ireland.


We have poor management.
Useless forms of communication.
In some cases we still do pay rolls for a large organisation using a pen and paper fgs!
How long has the computer being invented?
is it used in Ireland?
Yes it is!
so use it to programme the pay rolls in half the time!

paper and pen caveman like is taking up weeks of an educated persons time, when her skill can be utilized to operate more effectively in the job she is trained in.

defunct laws and laws not adhered to.
we prevaricate implementation of most things through utter fear and lack of confidence in our own judgement.

But most of all we have the legacy of 'the brown envelop' or the borrowed cow.

Its a system of 'you scratch my back and i will scratch yours.'
The legacy of poverty and dominion when we needed those who could do us a favour, 'kill the calf and i will clothe you tomorrow' mentality.

 This isn't the modern way of doing things.
In modern terms it is called crookery now and we should be past this, 'favourtism' and chronism.

Also, in farmyard parlance we want to put the cart before the horse.  It never works.

We cannot expect to be as the UK is for instance.
They ruled the world since time began, and learned along the way.
We ruled nothing and still don't.

So how on earth can we expect ourselves to move on with crookery as our best bedfellow?
How can we maintain our workforce and not lose them immediately they qualify.

Where should we be using our present skills.
Here of course.
We get it right for the workers and we stop creaming the people to pay super powers when we crook our way to the top and it goes pear-shaped on a grand scale.

We do things in a dignified, less devious way and we become confident that learning well and working out how we can do it will in the long term be the best plan rather than being as we act now.
We act as if we want all NOW!
We want to be the super rich super power modern society.

Well, Enda stood up and said 'we are a modern society.'
Sorry Enda, you forget a few things.
We put more people away in lunatic asylums in the 50's than the whole of Europe combined and we still sanction ECT when this is a barbaric method of treatment rejected by most modern societies now.
This is in modern terms, today and yesterday.

We also dump babies in slurry pits and tanks and manage to try and persuade the people that these babies are only resting, we always intended giving them a decent burial!

we do not know how many people we are killing (HiQUA - May 2014)
we are NOT a modern society.

This is the starting block.
not being something we probably never can be or will be.

we have a delusional power base here and a crooked one.
all milking the system rather than improving a country.
If any one had the chance to walk through government building or our Parliament workaday floors, you would be shocked at the opulence.
i have done this on a few occasions, i am astounded at the dripping wealth in architecture,  flooring materials and wall coverings.
you think we had an oil rig planted somewhere and the drums being sold to pay for a style that none of Ireland is used to or ever had in their entire life.
we are, as the nuns once told me as a a child during a case of misdemeanour 'acting above your station!'
also in my enthusiasm to get to a hockey pitch i ran hell bent through the school until pulled up short by a nun.
Walk!  Ms. Kennedy WALK!

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