Thursday, June 26, 2014

the court of human rights.

I am mapping out the road and the days of the travel and the journey from now.

its where i intend to be.

I have a crowd to garrot for what they have put me through for now over six or more years.

never in all my life did i think i would be treated so badly.
but i have been.
yet we are in Ireland, the holy ireland.
there is an evilness in the carers of our citizens and seems to have always been with the mother and baby homes, the draconian mental health services and now the physical health services.

if you become very sick like i have become we have down here where i live a care team from hell, especially the managers who refuse me everything when it comes to care everything.

since the time of the wetroom debacle over two years ago everything i request i have been denied, deliberately
sofa risers
bath chairs.
social worker
psychological support
ongoing physiotherapy
wheelchair powered one
all denied with the weakest of reasons.

you are witch hunted if you go against the hse, they can say absolutely everything without any redress or reprecussions.
they are nasty.

why am i still up at 3am in the morning.  i have been weeping, i am that frightened living where i do now.
i cannot stay, i am too ill to stay and fight this shower.
i wanted to make it my haven of peace, i thought i had found a beautiful gentle town.
you must be kidding.
ignore the notice by the entrance to the estate 'the best place to live in, 2008. my frient that was 2008
its a far cry from 2008.
crying so i am.
really fearful.
we have no family, know noone here and less chance of either.  we are lost beyond measure.
i just never expected further trauma inmy escape frm trauma to come here for more of the same again.

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