Saturday, June 7, 2014

HSE (Health Service Executive) and secret meetings

i wish to say catagorically, that secret meetings about citizens in this state should NEVER TAKE PLACE!
we have rights here.  Well we thought we did, until i for one discovered a secret meeting had taken place about me, well maybe i had long since rejected the idea that i had any rights at all, actually!

I was outraged.

it was summoned by the HSE which is the Republic of Ireland service for the sick.
it provides health cover throughout ireland as in care, respect, assistence, hospitals and other.

to hold a secret meeting as a team, that is Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and GP, is outrageous.
this being done without the client/patient ever finding out or even being asked to be present or have a representative be present.

Of course, i shall contact my solicitor.  Of course i shall seek legal advice and of course i shall request who was there, what was said and why it was done in such an underhand way.

my gp, general practicianer said it was unusual as it hasn't happened this way before and he has been to these team meetings where the client was always present.

have we stooped to a new low then?
or is it just the area where i live, which is in Wicklow Ireland.
Yes, of course i say who it is.
its the Wicklow HSE community and primary care teams, who now have some answering to do, to me!

there are only very few situations where this can happen.
in an emergency of life and death.
if a person is in danger
if a person is suffering dementia
if a person is too ill to be in attendence.

but certainly it should never happen if a person is alive, is of sound mind and has always advocated transparency above everything.

i demand explanations.
i have been through a brutal three years in Wicklow with this team and i want them out of my life, period.
no one should be brought to the verge of cracking under the stress and strain of this service.

no one should be reduced to nightmares about the HSE when the HSE primary concern is health yet its destroying mine!

i have asked the local area member of Dail Eireann to look into this.
I have asked An Taoiseach's office to look into this.

we cannot start having such situations where control is being visited upon persons in this state which leave a person powerless and helpless.

but we have already seen a secret pact in wicklow from the local elections between the two main political parties.
so we know ireland has a long way to go.

transparency is not our greatest asset.
we have the Tuam babies now, which is horrifying the world audience.
we have the catholic church scandals of abuse rampant in an ireland of not yesteryear but only recent and near recent.
we also now are finding out about secret drug testing on unsuspecting babies and children born out of wedlock or placed in orphanages.

there is no excuse i feel to carry on such shananigans in todays world.

Ireland has truly shown its colours
each citizen has his/her own tale.
each citizen has a violation that they can recall instantly if they want.

what can you say openly now?

i say i have had nurses in my bed in hospital.
I say i have been raped in a hospital grounds in Dublin in the 70's not just once but a few times.

i now can say i have had a secret meeting about me.
to determine my need for a powered chair.

now remember, well you cannot for i am unsure if i ever told you...
no medical expert knowledge had been given to the HSE prior to the end of last week, so this meeting was held without any medical information, although in recent days i have passed over this, before i heard of this meeting taking place, but after it had taken place.

the HSE have overstepped the mark by a mile here.
i feel like a worthless pummelled bit of shit.
abused when i should have felt safe.
abused and witch hunted when i should be finding peace.
i am saying right now i am not that in love with the Wicklow HSE.

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