Monday, October 4, 2010

bungalow bliss

Mother of Jaysus, sure God made the nut but he doesnt crack em.
twino and i thrawling greystones for our 'forever' home.
how on earth did this come about, not on the agenda this one, touching 58 next month and teeth out on THURS...start cooking the ceoliac soup!!!
It wasnt that funny to come home to a unit where all your worst fears were realised.
also not funny that no communication has been made to me via snail, email or any other mail from the hse nor council, we know concord has been 'taken out' but shall i say it again Mother of Jaysus, they have sure left me and my poor twin in a pickle with no advise, help or constructive input into our awful dreadful dilemma.
oh, and i came home to howls and gales and rain.
Maybe i should emigrate to greystones.
both came back more confused, more uncertain for the future and more scared about even shifting one foot forward.
tried to get 'sense scotland' today, but the girl on answering machine spoke so quickly i couldnt catch number, when i did after probably getting the fish shop and the undertaker in Glasgow i left a message on another answering machine.
the chis are back, one is licking the other's ear.
i brought them a new bed and both have pissed on it.
i should post it outside county hall, the piss and hopefully the shit if they ever even have the nerve to do that, i doubt it.
yes, sick as a parrot i am and the toilet is testament.
fed up too and my legs will give withness to their inability to even step forward.
my next trick is to psych self up to get the choppers out.
maybe three kinds, one for the hse, one for the corpo and the kindly prof nunn should provide a pliers to pull......the teeth....meanwhile i shall await the soup or other soft stuffs.
hope all are well in their homes right now.
oh, saw my other new great niece today, she gorgeous, four weeks old...what a long way she has to go eh?

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