Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a tougher living 'society' than need ever be

this is a heartfelt opinion.

we are indeed creating a far tougher society than need be and i think i know why.

We are greedy.

it doesnt amount to much more than that.
A society has sprung up now that Money is the god of all.
nothing else matters - not even humans or animals, the planet we have nor the way we threat any of this.

What society has requested is, people work as hard as they can to make money.
For themselves - for so called 'better quality of life'
and to help the government run our various countries and departments.

but the first cause is to make as much money as one can.
so when doing this the powerful have written into the payroll vast amount of fees and costs and payments for work done and in most cases never done.
the rest of the people try to make up on this, try to reach this cache of the funds.
thus walking all over everyone in the process and getting this money by devious ways and dishonest ways.
it doesnt matter about the sick, the disabled nor the elderly anymore.
nor does it matter about your relatives either.
once most children become students the idea of family has gone.
the idea one should even care has also gone.
Once the college is done and dusted taste of the extremes of living has taken place and then the slog of obtaining the elusive money begins.

all else is out the window.
we now have children, teenagers and young adults whose only concern are themselves entirely.  no one else and nothing else.

we also have the rising rich and the rich getting richer, also by stomping all over everyone, this includes the young and the old, everyone gets killed off as viable humans by those enabled through power to do so and enabled by job discription to determine the fate of others and also to determine what they get to determine the fate of others.
mostly the politicians and the trade unions are doing this.
a basic days wage for an honest days work has gone.
if you can make your disabled client paint the masonry walls of her new home while skiving inside painting the skirting boards and playing loud music and munching through out the day so be it.
the disabled person has drawn these people in to work and half way through have ditched all the agreements one by one, leaving a single woman aged 60yrs doing wallpapering, painting and decorating and also the masonry walls themselves.
also the workmen so sloppy and irreverant and uncaring, who cannot lose the days pay for no one sees what they are doing, lose items within this house that are very costly by tossing them everywhere in the beginning.
namely housing security sensors.

this is the reckless new youth.
the men who think that if they do nothing and know they can get away with it they will and at the end of the day bag the same amount of money as they would if they had actually done more work. there is no incentive there.

their bosses meanwhile are running up and down the country obtaining new contracts possibly verbal and gathering fools along the way to pay them for old rope and not actually doing any project management but leaving the young to undertake the work on their own without supervision or guidance.

slowly we see the dynamic of panic.

money is evil but people still can reverse the trend that people, animals and the planet mean something to them. that they are as important if not more so.
as one grows older alone one realises how precious it is to meet another, chat to another and engage with another.
people are very precious.

and when we get old and sick then people are even more so needed.
but the plans are being laid down today for the pathwaying of us who are so expensive.
the putting away of us who are causing difficulties for precious youth and families.
we are nobodies.
we also can be twisted and coerced and manipulated if not very careful.
we are losing our confidence slowly by bullying.
we are losing our will to live through the drastic cuts to the state spending on us for our basic needs.
we have no focus, no meaning, no joy and no people
we are the people who are causing all the problems for the world!
we caused the financial crashes around the globe, in the UK, Ireland and America the screaming is the elderly and old are costing too much.
in a few decades the agenda will be that each person will be allowed live to the age of say 50 and after that we will all be put into an igloo the air hole closed over and sit there until we die of starvation.
the younger then move on to survive but we are not allowed to.
it is happening now and i feel it very much.
if you knew how quickly this can creep up on you, maybe there would be a drive to make sure that the quality of life remains for as long as a person cant think and can have a role in life.
but quality of life to belongs to the elderly who have no role other than the need and love of live who want life and want to embrace it.
who want to engage with the youth and teach skills where ever possible.
all want living.
the dead do none of this and thats our end.
why make it hell for us now.
i am 60yrs old.
when i got sick first i vowed to Prof. Nunn of the Dental hospital dublin ireland that i would remain positive and remain laughing and happy.
you cannot do this. it isnt possible in todays structure for the sick and older person.
but can we reverse this awful trend of dismissal.
can we make it better.
if we can please place your own suggestions to this blog as comments,
i have asked for comment s and that is why the comment facility is on this blog to either join in a dialogue or make your statement.
many hands on the agenda push the agendas.

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Dr Margaret Kennedy said...

I agree totally. However I would like to post the question , any ideas HOW we can remain positive in a society that is geared towards money-making and only money making? Where are the people in the community that do care?