Friday, May 3, 2013

The sickest joke in an Office in Ireland

Ann put in a dreadful day.

four full days with practically no sleep at night.
this isnt good for a body so unwell.

Stress, builders and HSE.

The mix is a mess and its sick.
There is chaos at the homestead.
the builders are whacking through my home now at ferocious pace when four months of near idleness ran by and my nerves were frayed.

The boss hurling abuse when i pleaded for response to the never ending question 'when will you be out of here?'

so much so the men were now doing work and chosing paving, counter tops etc without even asking if i liked, and placing in before i could say yah or nah.

the HSE also have a lot of questions to answer.
a wonderful Occupational therapist came to my home to give an opinion on the work done to date.  He wasnt from the HSE.

Ramp is not correct - so where was the Occupational therapist of the HSE to make sure it was?
When a HSE OT had been standing there at this ramp with the builder why still is it not right?
Did she write up a report and sketch to make sure the builder knew fully how it was to be placed and the specifications etc?
I do not even know if this interview with the builder was indeed recorded.

Next now to the patio doors.
these are large and of a two window slider doors so heavy.
my beautiful respectful indian OT asked gently would i be able for these with my muscle wasting.
I considered this too.
I responded that before they were put in it was known what i needed here but who was to tell me about weight of doors and who should have known and how was i to know?
The builder would have and so too the OT, HSE  OT who should have been guiding this type of process as this is a health issue rebuild for a disabled woman.
they are heavy and no i dont even like the weight now.
My gentle OT, indian, said if it was a three pane slider it would have been easier.
but then where was the HSE OT.

Next up for scrutiny was the drainage.
instant reaction he didnt like the levels.
neither did i.
the house is lower than the land immediately in front where paving is.
we are subjected to flash flooding.
well now, who should have been keeping an eye on this if i am a patient only and neither builder, surveyor, architect, OT or other.
Only the disabled woman.
certainly the builder should have known.
Also he did know about the flash flooding here.
If you throw grant aid at a disabled woman living on her own and on her own in all sorts of ways, what can you expect but for a builder to just ignore the fact and do what he liked, which he pretty much has on the major aspects of this build.

thats the builder for today then.  And that was the visit from the wonderful Indian OT who reminded me so much of my first Love who also was indian by name Karmarli.

consider now the health issues i have regarding my Occupational therapy needs.
I have been trying to make an appointment with the Occupational therapy manager to arrange a meeting with my twin sister and i.
she rang me today whilst i was lying on my swingseat.
there were builders working behind me but i don't hear that once my hearing aid is out and it was out so that i could place the handset to my ear.

the OT voice i could hear clearly.
she said she had heard i was looking for her.
I had.
she asked me had i given thought to the conversation we had last (this wasnt what i was looking for her for).  she was referring to giving back my powered chair because it was given to me by 'mistake' apparently!
I declined to answer this question so she asked it again.
i followed this up with a question for her.
Will you listen to what i have to say Ms AB
I then told her what i had to say, starting with my traveling to UK to see a renowned Prof and telling her what he had said to me.
suddenly i thought that Ms AB had gone so i asked her "are you there"
i heard muffles and then hoots of laughter, laughing like a hyena.
there was a second person at the other end of the phone but it all sounded a bit far away.
Ms AB the area manager Occupational therapist had put the phone on speaker so that whoever was in the office could hear!
they were having a right bitch and laugh there too.
I handed the handset to my PA from the IWA who is male.
He said "hello" and then listened and handed it back to me.
I took the phone and said 'hello' and i heard a piercing voice scream "there is a man there!"
"Yes! Yes, Ms AB i have my PA here, there is indeed a man here and i am terminating this call, i do not like what i find in this phone call.
you have been laughing at me.  I shall put this phone down and then i shall ring my twin sister and the local area TD.
 which i did.
I was sickened to the stomach.
we have a problem in Ireland if managers within the health service executive deal with phone calls from disabled women in this manner abusing both confidentiality and professionalism by laughing out loud in the office precincts with other members of staff whilst supposedly having a one to one conversation with a client she has rung.

I was so sick i thought i would throw up and i wept.
I turned to my PA.
She had the Speaker phone on!
yes, he agreed as he nodded his head.
How f...sick is that
Yes, he agreed with a nod.

it was a dreadful day at the office.

I can say with full knowledge that we have now a monster in our midst, it is by name The Health Service Executive.
One thing about Dr Reilly he is right on.
It has to go and so too all the area managers of just about every discipline.
if they are like the one i had recourse to try and dialogue with today, they all have to go.
Unfortunately, they are all like the one i had recourse to try and dialogue with today.

correction on previous blog.
when i mentioned i had no family well sorry my dear dear twin, I have you and i love you.
remember as we came up the road side by side on two nearly clapped out whining mobility scooters and remember what i shouted across over the wind.  "i love you mags!"  well actually i shall further correct i shouted "i adore you"
strong words.
Of love
of the HSE i have strong words of utter hatred and there isn't any for that, none yet exist.

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