Tuesday, May 28, 2013

web of deceit, silence, confusion and collusion within the HSE and the Minister for Health department

I have to admit that it was the most shocking video done undercover here in ireland into what is going on in private creches in this country.

we have at the end of the day a situation that was well known.
where basic regulations were broken in 75% of creche facilities across ireland.
these include abuse, violence, reckless endangerment and emotional torture akin to quatanamo.
we are living in a country which knows about babies and toddlers are treated as poorly as no more than baby animals.

and its all KNOWN to the HSE and to the Government of the day.
the minister for children declined to come to the studio to face both us the audience and the panel.
this is cowardice.
we have recently had Reilly up for a 'vote of no confidence, and today Shatter, so we cannot afford for this government to be seen to do badly in yet another state department within the political party that holds sway in our present government.
this can only be the reason why she did not come onto the show.
I was an invited guest but my twin on this topic was the expert.
as i would have said too this ISNT about care of children and vulnerable, its about PROTECTION of very tiny babies and toddlers who will be the next generation.

but i have also to remind people here of what happens within the HSE and the Department of Health when there are 'issues of care'
we see within the HSE the reasoning of the greater good of the department over the greater good of those for whom the department has been created.
this abuse is widespread in ireland.
I personally have great experience of HSE abuse and bullying.
Only today another phone call from the company asked by the HSE to come collect my powered chair.
i have repeatedly told the hse i was not relinquishing this chair for love nor money.  i have a neurodegenerative disorder and the consultants know i need it.
we have HSE managers in this instance never knowing me, meeting me or bothering about me making these decisions and continueing to harrass and bully me with all these shocking repeated phone calls, one day i had five alone!
we know that vulnerable people are least able to defend themselves, least able to effect change in their lives and least able to speak out and be heard when it comes to injustice they have been metted out.
i also saw it within the nursing homes for the elderly.
inspections are known to occur.
but so do the nursing homes know when they are occuring.
the ladies and men are requested to wear their very best.
the time table for activities is loud and clear on the wall for the inspector to see and some artwork slapped up on the wall.
but reverting back to inertia, no activities at all and Mass being the only break for the elderly in our irish nursing homes.
i have seen swollen feet from a woman who was too afraid to mention her feet were hurting after i asked why her shoes were not done up.
i have seen abject misery in private nursing homes, public and religious run nursing homes, i have seen neglect and abuse and awful abuse of power and deceit.
but i also believe as i believed today.  the government and the department of health knows what happens and so does the hse.
nothing is done.
ditto in the mental health services.
we as a nation are diseased.
we suffer inertia and complacency.
we havent the wit or gall or stomach for a fight of the kind that will make lives better for the least able.
we are fast becoming a selfish self centre and egocentric money needers and that is all.
nothing else counts.
what i saw on the videos should send alarm bells across this country.
for ever sector of care there is violence and lack of accountability, no one will be made take the blame at the levels where the blame should be laid.
in a personal fight to the bitter end which it will be my battles with the loathed hse are far from over.
but many now see that the hse has a policy of silence. a policy of neglect, and a policy of deceit, all on a grand scale not just on a small scale.  they will protect their institution to the death even if it means the innocent gets wronged or hurt, they least care.
as with everything when we do something we do it on a large scale.
when you consider the army wasnt even able to protect a retrieved illegally held tanker of diesel confiscated from criminals and given to safe haven to the army. then we know full well we are on an explosive collision course with death of a small country, simply because most are asleep, clicking mobile phones constantly or watching the telly or doing all of these eating a bag of crisps.
that is our government.  and when the bag of crisps is finished how many slammed it to a bang?

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