Thursday, May 23, 2013

being 'past your sell by date!'

Huffington post has mentioned the crisis of an ageing population and the antagonism amongst the younger generation for us even trying to live as we once did.
Old age is not a SIN.
its a process we all go through.
YOUNG age is also a process and moves towards Old age!
Money which seems to be a the root of the agism hatred and our perceived 'nuisance status' is not a good enough reason to reject what is now the majority of the modern day population.

We have science to thank for the population continuing to live on and stay active and healthy.
This is called progress!
the individual who decides for themselves that they want to live, can live and can contribute should be equal in the eyes of society.
because i am slightly grey on top but very grey in the sense of disability there is little wrong with my ways of dealing with life.
slower yes, and more stressful definitely as its a war zone out there being disabled now.
In any country.
I know it is not easy to even think about this sort of problem if you are under 30.
even harder if you are out of work.
harder still if you have aspirations and the jobs and chances are being held by older people.

but again this is called the process of civilization.
let the individual wrinklie live on.
for sure the wrinklie has contributed and can be a stalwart of society in many ways
Let the wrinklie be the best wrinklie in the world.
that what most wrinkles need and want.
It is no different really to what young people want.
All want to have the best.
the best that society now says is there for the taking.
so if we take it isnt selfishness!
its called equality.
and its called fairness.
tell me why i should die at 60 with a very good active brain.
die so that others may live.
die and sit around and feel that most resent me and my needy body.
that i am past it and should be put up against a wall and shot.
No.  No one should be put up against a wall and shot.
those who do murder in some countries are.
and condemning wrong is right but condemning the right to life is also very wrong indeed.

the HP also stated that there was profound resentment amongst the young especially against the elders who act 'too young' and dress 'too young'
who actually states we should dress in sack clothing.
again we live in a modern age of mass production and the commodities of dress are relatively cheap now.
colour too is vibrant and exciting.
why should my dress match my hair because the generation below me think it should.
why should it?
I enjoy colour.
I enjoy the younger generation (those in my family i never see and they never bother to ask if i am ok, this being a sign of the times).
i enjoy hearing of life from the younger generation.
and i have recently held a baby from a young mother and love it all.
but why, if i can love what the young have to offer, can the young not love what i may have to offer.
its very odd indeed.
as an oldie i am saddened by attitudinal changes for society and within society.
saddened that many young people hardly ever think of what we termed 'charity work.'
now charity work is paid work.
but charity work was not that for me.
it was something i enjoyed and loved, to care and offer when i was strong and gifted and willing to listen (to the elderly through 'friends of the elderly')
but the youth think that as a concept very 'stuffy' and 'of no worth at all. it doesnt create a career path.'
but it can!
you can be seen differently.
a person willing to offer...this is a view.
a person who steps outside the norms... this is seen as inventive and creative.
a person willing to be patient ...a character trait needed in many companies amongst the rat race that there is now.
but also perserverence when things are rather dull at times and tiresome.  this is about the best trait to have.
jobs and money dont come landing and dont come exciting, in the main.
you need patience, perserverance and determination.
we elders can teach.
the 'new way' is the 'new age' of young and old working together for a new world.
don't knock it, tomorrow your day will arrive and you will wonder where did time fly
in the meantime i am on my laptop and i am determined to stay youthful in attitude and determined, as this is a trait i learnt myself from no less than - the grey haired brigade
images above are taken at a nursing home for blind elderly, the young man embarrassed at first to hold a small dog, he came to learn about 'giving'.
the older of the two, is a fantastic woman who spoke volumes to me and to a very small chihuahua, she is blind and had been 'put away' since a young age.
we had a good afternoon that day!

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