Friday, November 8, 2013

Salsa, Hula Jazzy and JiVE plus troika

it is such a catchy headline eh?

Well jazz around the troika, lets Hula.

do i really know these sort of steps?
whoever figured the names of the next state of art wheelchairs, thought well about all this.

these dances are fast, sexy and fun.
and the appliances who have names of these dances are in fact wheelchairs. the people...wheelchairs.

and i mean it.

these are no clapped out whiners, that barely make the tiny slope in a full car park after volunteering to collect for those in wheelchairs receiving PA's.

whine, 'you can do it, c'mon, you can do it.'  giggle giggle, but with a bit of fear.
'er, can it.'

and the wheel no fell off, this time.
and the control panel of my twins, no fell off....this time.

knobs, buttons, whirrs and blinks, crash and bang and bailouts.

the wheelchairs.
clapped, out.
so too the country, bailed out to the troika, the banks and the eggits in my country who stood idly by and let it happen.

Yes, i say.  Lauded were we who did this magnificent deed.
Oh lauded in the EU federation of nations.

but who will see fall out.
we do, in our clapped machines, the euthanasia that now is even contemplated, and carried out without knowledge across the globe, once decried by civilized nations less than a century ago.
people were hung, shot and imprisoned for the schemes we build monuments for, lest not we forget.
-the gas chambers.
but what is  happening now is only a sophisticated version and done by stealth.
we kill off many every year, in every country and no one goes to jail.

we do this because the world does now think that disabled people, old, sick, learning disabled and mentally ill, have any part in a thriving economic drive to produce, money and to have lifestyles that are burning up the atmosphere so fast we wont have a world to even exist in in a couple of centuries.

so we make hell and pay hugely for debt and we kill in the name of 'money eaters, rule not OK.'

How many of you had enough bile, corrupt minds, power, greed and ability to take out 'your own country'  that is, the one you lived in, had fun in, created in and produced the next generation in?

did you personally have it in the bank to deal and wheel away the country.
to play Russian roulette to such a degree we lost.
bang bang out.
we are dead.
I do not believe we shall recover.

economically we will get back possibly to where we were when we became independent.
we have struggled this far for nothing, absolutely nothing.
your mother and father worked for nothing.
we burnt the country on the face of their graves.

we sold out.

meanwhile we face crisis in Ireland.
our biggest being in health.
not wealth.
wealth is nothing, has no meaning when you cannot sit up in bed, cannot sleep from pain, cannot walk for a myriad of reasons, cannot travel to offer your gifts to the economic table as in work for the bread on your table.
if you sell a country down the Swanee as we have done, we are all going now to be a bloody sick country.
this is fact and proven.
we have not enough doctors, nurses, clinics, specialities, community care, mental health care (they are the bottom of the heap, heh come get em.).  seriously though, we are in effect putting our most vulnerable through hell on earth.
to live a hell on earth.
did the parents of vulnerable people not feel happy once to have a child, happy to feed and educate and happy enough to love that child.
not any more, the powers are thinking fast and hard to rid your child, if it is different, useless and disabled.
NO ONE is different.
people are just people.
we are all different if we look at those closest to us.
who are we to say that a sick person cannot live as well as another?
we all acting the gods now.

who said that because i personally am sick and disabled that i do not deserve life itself.
I do not deserve to be in community.
to enjoy fashion, food, nature, literature, arts and creativity.
to enjoy what i can offer to the whole spectrum of colours that add up to the world of enrichment.
who said i had nothing at all to offer so should not live and will not live and then decide to make the very life i do have one of misery, disadvantage,  out in the cold and frightened.
worried about medications, therapies, devices and aids i need, my twin needs and many need.

who bothers enough anyway that we exist?

These questions are very raw but have to be faced.
We have to face these because if we do not, maybe the next generation of artists, will be designing the monument to the terrors of troika, killing vulnerable and sick, all because of money.

A generation will come who will reflect on all this and be horrified that any human being can do this to another.

So lets join the jive.
i mean jive.

did you see the Quickie Jive.
many do not think of the bodily comfort of movement, its so automatic.
do you think of how your back should be supported, how the legs should be placed and when and how to hold the head up and still be able to create the movement into the world.

some have to think of this.
we think Quickie because life is so short.

60yrs is the age we start prepping the funeral, the prayers over the wilted body.
60yr olds start to think of what is best of their lives to live behind, and what is best to burn out.
60yr olds start to think that life now is for living and fun, because there is so little of it left.
60yr olds prepare for that day that they will be forced out of their homes to the boxes and cages we call lyrically the 'home for the elderly.'
In my terms these should be 'the cages for the forgotten, the useless and the ones waiting to die.'
this is not a fashionable subject but also not a fashionable state of affairs.
I personally want to stay active.
but it will mean an ability to move and move well.
pain is a killer to the psyche and the soul.
when you have it you will understand.
but forced pain, as in FORCED pain, because you cannot afford, and others will not provide a simple but expensive devise, which would mean the difference between sitting at home all day and every day to getting out and about and being with the people.
a chair, electrified for living, not for death.

when twins need such an item it is unusual .
it isn't usual for such to happen two individuals at the end of their lives, when they are so close.
because it seems rare that this should happen.
it is rare and we are just that.

but you would think that we are just simply not worth it.
if we were worth it, two years of battle should have provided something better than bangers from hell.
who lose body parts and are failing faster than those who sit on them.
we need better, deserve better but how.

i don't mind saying it.
i am desperate.
i am cynical of living, the world, its ethos and its ability to care.
certainly two years living now in a personal turmoil of dynamic i never imagined would happen at this age.

but we are a kindly nation still.
 we all do realise our country is ONE OF the best to live in in at least Europe, because of our humour and ability to care, (er, am i right here)?

so we have to hope and pray somehow.

but time is running out for me and my twin.
we have looked at all the options.
we have tried.
but still two years later we are riding the waves in bangers.
to try, to implore a bit better or a bit more.
i now put this on a blog and wonder if it wise, good bad or shall everyone just be as indifferent as we have pretty much experienced in the circles we most closely mingle in.


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