Thursday, July 3, 2014

bully tactics from HSE is no way forward and bad for health

As the years go by painfully slowly and i mean the past say, six years nothing much has changed.
i am thinking of how an organisation given the total responsibility for the health budget deals with the unhealthy on its payroll and on its client list.
we absolutely KNoW bullying is bad for health!
we have, conversly many agencies putting in bootcamp educational material to prevent it, all over the place.
ON the net, in the schools and within peer groups, families etc.
Can we have a bootcamp for the HSE please?
or should we just do the BOOT bit instead, because its becoming seriously dangerous to the health of two individuals.  the twins.

When you spend your life, the past six years, actually the past fiveteen years trying to deal with the development of a rare neurodegenerative disorder and the havoc it wracks on body, mind, function and occupation that is enough to have to deal with.

when you are supposed to have a care giving team of health care providers, in Ireland its called the HSE harrassing you and bullying you almost daily then we have a serious situation.

For, not the HSE, i remind you NOT for the HSE but for the client.
the twins.
MIto is a delicate part of every cell in the body, mito is destroyed by STRESS, proven and FACT.
will someone pick up that phone and inform the HSE, who never heard of this condition yet alone bother to understand the concept of both bullying and stress on an individual.

they know for sure, that stress causes people to crack up.
they now are hell bent on seeing how well they can actually achieve this, in the case of the twins.

My twin and i are traveling back and forth to hospital and not a week goes by where we are not at the local twenty miles away or at the gp.  today it was my turn to visit st. vincent's hospital. (more on this later) and when i came home what did i get?
a letter, another obnoxious one, which had me screaming in distress and i in turn ring my twin, she had one too and she had spent all morning crying.
but yesterday it was myself at my disability advocate trying to find a way through what can only be called an entangled mess of many HSE officials digging deep, then yesterday i went on to the gp to find out about respite and finally as i left the former to go to the latter the phone rang from the company requested by the HSE to come take my powered chair away.
and again today they rang.
the terror inside me regarding the hse has me rocketing from telling them to take the useless fecker of a thing from my house, the powered chair without power,  as it is dead and the report on it is so bad that the 'engineer' has sent it to the Knacker.  but then some would say that then the HSE may say you relinguished it and refused to have it repaired, even if its irreparable.
so i hold on to it in terror not knowing where to turn.

this sort of stuff is a sure way to learn how to reinvent nazi germany!
i tell you i am on the edge.

tomorrow of course is Friday and i am in no doubt something further will happen from the HSE.

so far the HSE know that they have tried to bully me into reconfiguring a home i bought so that it conforms to their ways.
they demanded what i do with an adaptation grant, even though the grant doesn't come from the HSE but the council.
the HSE is not anything other than an advisory body with ideas but they cannot demand any citizen of this state to design the house they just bought the way they want you to.
no matter what reason even weak, and it was!
the semantics continue.
and the demands.
the contrariness as well, when they first say to one of our supporters that they are agreeable to a plan of action (said it twice in fact) but tell the twins and write to the twins something entirely different, and then when i went to the gp yesterday he said they told HIM the same as to my supporters, agreeable on a specific plan of action but they say anything but to the twins. we can do the mathematics, i can and i have dyscalculia!

you die of confusion if nothing else.

its not for the faint hearted living in Ireland.
all those on twitter and glitz mags can say what a fantastic place to live in but i doubt those who are on the dole are scurrying across the peaks to find sorrel for their veggies to conserve the planet or who can chill on twitter and twit.
the people who are at the bottom are stuck there and its anything but nice.

so Ireland isn't pleasant right now for those who are not at the top of the financial index.
you cannot even say this to those who use twitter or the Irish Times, you'd be lynched.

you'd be lynched too by family who of course are the good old stock of middle class values of the regular Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.
they think we are being looked after by the state.

its another thing too to meet a person from this estate up the dog walk who has a bad back, he who says that the japanese guy in crumlin, phsyio and other has cured him of that awful knotted back problem over these past many months, (thats not on the public medical card believe me its not) and no you cannot even say to him that your ENT appointment has been cancelled YET AGAIN when he tells you he is going to the Blackrock clinic next week to see one, and he tell you the cardiologist is way on track and all is well with his ticker.

we don't have these personnel in the gutter.
we have nought.
we have the blasted HSE public health system.

who are crucifying my twin with beligerent nastiness and abuse that beggars belief when facing two women who are slowly dying off with a rare disease that is anything but pleasant.

so when my first cousin can swim in the cold waters of ireland and enjoy it, the same age as us, if we put our tootsies in we probably keel over with seizure or heart attack i kid you not!
but i wont have that famous support of well we know, the middle class professional classes ways of acruing money to pay a bundle for the VHI.

how do you deal with them?
not my family for i rarely deal with them but we are at an uneasy peace so one has to thank god for small mercies.
how do you deal with the HSE.
that huge big institution of lying cheats who say to PAC today that they never knew about  the bank account of 13m stashed by the 'friends and supporters of CRC!
are we eggits or as my twin has said they probably didn't!

On a matter of modernity can someone also inform the HSE that the computer was invented over thirty years ago, so can they train their ceo's to use them. the poor feckers in charge of large amount of personnel within the HSE who offer hours to the sick are bent over like your man from 'A christmas Carol' not quite with the quill but certainly the pen and paper doing the work sheets and totting up what they need to pay each and every frigging worker they have! this is ludicrous and is taking that particular ceo three weeks out of every four to get through it all, and she a university trained lady!

we really do need some shaping up.
although i don't want the hse nor the hospitals nor any medical person telling me that i have an appointment on a particular day for a particular part of my anatomy on facebook or twitter (which i dont use) but i do think that sending this date out in triplicate to arrive ON THE SAME DAY is a case of two stamps too many and maybe a stuffer of an envelop too many.

its arse.

but to be serious.
the HSE are dangerous not only my words but those of the departing CEO (maybe too many pencils) of HiQUA.
ditto the same lady saying 'they don't even know how many people they are killing...the hse that is. well i do, two at least.
she also said too, wait for it.....
there is no accountability within the HSE.
ah, now we have a lady after my own heart.

heres a case in point.
ask the disability manager how you can get about as a disabled lady to do some university lecturing and he wanders into the sunrise saying he will give it some thought.
well the sun went down on another year without the response.
a complaint went in.
response - its not my job to find her a job!
no one asked him to find this lady a job she is actually well able to find her own.
but then he may have been short on the specifics of the case, because in that there briefcase he wandered into the sunset with held no paper nor pencil or pen for that matter to take notes on the interview with his client, that day the question of transport logistics was mooted.

i rest my case both on the efficiency and also the deviousness of our health service executive.
you can see i love the bunch can't you.
when they turn the last sod over my grave they may sigh a bit of relief but until then the HSE will have my twin and i to face.
and we have consistently said the same thing over and over and over again for over three years now.
and they argue and argue and argue and bitch like tigers and fish with teeth.
i dont like the lot of them.
oh, forgot the trip to the hospital, its over twenty five miles there and back.
thinking i had it for more than one job i was livid to find, wait for it...the consultant wasnt there so the ultrasound was done well, by I don't know who, and all she did was ONE muscle!  knowing i am to have indepth investigation on these muscles, how furious i was, to travel in heat there and back for a bit of gel on a shoulder and someone doing a bit of rubbing with a rounded er, pen on my shoulder muscle and that was it!  five minutes.
can they not even recognise that i am sick, too sick to travel fifty miles to have ultrasound on one muscle when a shorter distance of less than seven to the local with equal facilities can do the same.  it can, and all them three hospitals, loughlinstown, dun laoghaire and st vincents are run by the same shabang.
jesus wept.

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