Friday, July 4, 2014

a difficult blog about Rolf Harris

to all i throw out these thoughts of mine.
i throw them out knowing that i can tell you i was sexually abused by a priest and know that i straddle the belief for justice and clarity.

we see today that an 84 yr old will be in prison.
he will be striped of all his honours, his life achievements, his fame and he will be wiped off the map of fame.

his wife is equally frail and she will sit at home alone in tatters.

his daughter knows certain things and she is young and will embark on life with a major sorrow and far more besides.

an 84yr old will almost surely be spat at in jail.
the lynch mob will be out in force.

he made very bad choices, he behaved disgracefully and he has to pay for it some way.

first i wish to put to you the business of retrospective crime and punishment.
we have what is called a 'statute of limitations' but evidently it is not there for war crimes or abuse.

i remind you today we have NO BANKER IN JAIL for leaving Ireland destitute with a homeless population the greatest we have ever experienced.
we have a country decimated.
the UK too is taking away the independent living for disabled people, who committed no offence but will be imprisoned.

what i feel about retrospective judgement there should be a type of this.

but we should not be baying for blood as we do with the sex offenders list.
right away i hear a lynch mob out to get me too!
but wait a while and hear me out.

what actual GOOD does this do to society to crucify an old man, his family and the next generation and those attached to his family who are innocent of any crime?

what good does it do any person who has been subjected to sexual abuse decades ago?

I was subjected to sexual abuse decades ago, and the perpetrator is free and is nearly as old as Rolf Harris, he also still wears a collar and has recently celebrated his golden anniversary.
no one told me this, but i know where he is and can look him up on the Order website, for he is there, and he has a facebook page of very young Asian ladies too!

but do i wish him in jail right now.
i don't actually.  the damage is done.
decades ago.
i got a slap of a wet fish in compo, now all gone it was so small that had everyone reeling.
but we have powerful institutions and i just didn't come lucky with this one for sure.

still do i feel strange with the judge passing sentence in such a manner?  i do.
he got his sentence and it should have been with out the vile vitriolic from the chair.
i believe this passionately for this is what separates us from animals but  now we are acting like it.

we put old men away, and crucify.
we will have lynch mobs everywhere, his family will be harassed, the home sold, they will be spat upon and all manner of things.

it has solved nothing for the victims.
they will get some compensation.
it will help some and may not help others.
it didn't make much of a difference to me, neither vindication nor help me in any great way psychologically or emotionally or give me a sense of closure or peace.
none of that.

we did something to-day that society has demanded, we lynched an old man for past sins, when there is more than enough happening in today's world.
more than enough.
we have given a token awfulness to those who perpetrate against vulnerable and the young.
but this isn't so.
it will continue with social media, with drugs and with spiked drinks and more. we have probably more of sex crime than ever before, not even the awareness of spikes changes things there.

putting an old man away will not stop the horror of so many things around the violence against women right now.
one man will never stop it by being the one to take blame for a past decade of what was a free for all, for all were complicate in a society breaking the bonds of Victorian attitude.

we will pay the price of this as we do.
and we are now paying the price on top of this of affluence and greed and social media.
all running riot through peoples lives.

i am upset for a family who has been thus treated to no good end.
because society is doing it for all the wrong reasons.
it is doing it to placate the masses and give a feel good vindicator factor.
it makes everyone feel smug that 'not in my back yard, that scum'
surprisingly it is!
its everywhere, and in all the most unsuspecting places, more sex crime takes place in the home, not by society's elite.
its everywhere.
doing this doesn't serve any justice.
it won't stop more.
it won't educate
it won't increase moral values
it will not tame the vultures.
it will create what i will call the 'hysteria of hate'  and we have that too in spades.

i have had my say on this.
we have 'played a game' of justice today.
if he was found guilty, and not put in jail but lose his assets there would have been no where in the world where he would have felt safe, he would have been spat upon.
does also incarcerating him make it better for us?
nothing was achieved in my eyes by this sham of justice.
we are riddled with present day problems akin to what was happening in Nazi Germany.
we played a card game of one man to go down for the sins of many.
one man a total gesture to the wolves that are there.
i don't like this sort of sleazy justice that can do this.

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