Tuesday, July 29, 2014

when a nation 'goes tired' and so does this blogger!

we are all tired.
we are all in shock.

prices and costs of living are rising through the roof.
we have increase of ESB charges and water charges introduced on same day.
prescription charges off richter for those of us who are very ill.

in fact the only thing that stays static is the pension and the social welfare, otherwise things rise.

my pension has deceased and stayed static within the past few years, decreased three times.
but nothing stays still.

when you tired too, sick too and needy of services where are they now.
what has happened health care ?

If you are in the public health system it stands still too, nothing gets better.
i am waiting for scan on my shoulders after a very bad fall many months ago, so in agony daily i attempt to make contact with my doctor, but that doesnt work.
i do not sleep because of it.

i have lost all but a stump of tooth, and its still there in my mouth and will remain so for many more months to come.
i have gum desease and yet i will only get to see a hygenist after two years without, next december.
i have just got my winter shoes, after well over six years waiting, i have deformed feet.

i dont get physiotherapy, about ten minutes tweaking a few days ago and about half hour chatting, thats my physio over for a few weeks anyway.  i would have preferred if it was ten minutes chatting and half hour manipulation and massage, but which is easier.

psychological support, again NADA and that even though i was to get some after last easter after waiting over two and a half years.

I met the psychologist once down here, and that for a team meeting and nothing further, a meeting of all my team which lasted half an hour, she scuffed at my diagnosis of asperger syndrome, even though it took many weeks going to an autism specialist a questionaire from me and a relative who knew me.  it was extremely comprehensive indeed.
so the psychologist in my new area knows me inside out eh in half hour where we were talking about all sorts of things.

the promise of a workshop for the staff of the local health centre on dealing with adults with asperger was promised it never happened and told so by the nurse.

when my wheel flew off my powered wheelchair the health service tried to tell me i had it fixed by a person unknown and nothing was wrong when contrary to this, a service rep told his mates the blasted wheel was put on with the wrong bolts and this was quite a story within the industry, yep evidently it was!
i didnt have anything altered on my chair just had things tightened so that no more flew from it.

people write anything on file, just about anything, it doesn't wash with me when a commentator who commentated on file said to me today 'you were not supposed to see that, that was confidential.'  i have to wonder, how about my confidentiality when i find this out by mistake and what i saw was shocking.
it was and defamatory to boot, half lies, economic with the truth and without qualification on the incidents named nor the circumstances surrounding my difficulties.
it doesnt matter, anything is done and said to me, over and over.
many things are denied me over and over.
i see no end to it, at all.
i am being stitched, over and over and i know it and many know it.
many see and have been along with me on this journey of hell.
its hell to be in ireland and sick.
its hell to have liars and cheats and groupies as your health care managers and service providers.
its hell to have a health service so devastated by cuts and germany that we do not have a service at all.
proven we do not have a service.

how do you correct it all and the corrupt state we live in?
i do not know.
the judicial system came in for a spanking today and deemed not fit for purpose.
so too the health system in the dail many months and even years ago, not fit for purpose.
but still more and more is not fit for purpose and in essence doesn't work, so if all doesn't work, who is there to fix it.
when germany has decided to take all our money and leave us a country denuded of our youth, our top graduates, our vibrant services, those that are left and surely to god there has to be one or two left, what then?
what is left of a country.
it wont be and isnt.
we have sold most of our assets, the politicians will be the least educated you can find as those cute enough to bail out of our sweet land have and are gone to better pastures.
we are rotting, daily, monthly and yearly.
more now sleep on the streets than ever before.
less are able to keep up.
more are emigrating.
the sick are sicker and not served and therefore only one elite is left, the rich, be they educated, which they are not, they can buy their health and their status and their lifestyle while all the rest are mere shadows of their former selves.
it doesnt really matter about our rising suicide rates because no one cares for the other anymore.
we will be left with the moo cows on green pastures and the bulls in the dail.
pretty much pleasant apart from the fact there are irish people still living here who are governed by the bulls that be.
i wish to god they would emigrate to pamploma or where ever that there bull run is and let our lot out to test their wit on the roads some place else but our boreens.
i never, ever thoght i would see the day i would say 'i hate this country of mine, hate it.'

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