Saturday, November 12, 2016

ejecting patients from beds in irish hospitals by HSE and legal teams

I have no idea how big this problem is.  How many men and women, elderly and not so who are refusing to leave a hospital bed, even when supports have been put in place.

I do know why this can happen.  I have to confess i have done this.  I have refused to vacate a bed in a hospital because I was literally afraid to go home to the social housing unit where I was badly threatened and repeatedly badly threatened.

When the HSE claim that they would put in supports and have put supports in place and still patients refuse to leave beds after they have been medically discharged my case was not sorted by the HSE - AT ALL - there were no such supports.

It was the most distressing inpatient stay.
I was threatened and was told that every day I was there I would be charged the going rate for the bed and I was broke.  their bullying made me leave - no there was no support put in place.

Social workers met and tried to discuss this with me but i was made to feel awful. Horrible. I was doing something that was totally against the grain for me who would never every have contemplated anything like this if the situation was not so dire.

I refused to leave because it would mean returning to a social housing unit from hell.
The hurley ball which was flung at me - i still have it
given by a dear friend who wanted me to try and 'Live' i had placed this on my ledge by the hall door, the passing drunk swiped it off and it shattered

Mr Tony O'Brien CEO HSE - Look at my shattered broken twin sister - tell her where the support was - because we still do not know and still get no support.

the belief that 'support' would be put in place is erroneous - there was my very sick twin, and myself a very sick threatened person moving out - with no help from anyone, state, family or other, just us and that Mr. Tony O'Brien is OUR reality when i had refused to leave a hospital bed because of this!

No matter how old the child is - a Gun is a Gun and its facing at my face - five pellets found near the swingseat i lay on and more by the back door - you just don't stay when so much went before this too.
i had been threatened there, and had a gun pulled on me and shot at.
I had eggs thrown at me, juice bottles, hurley balls and I had drunk me ring my door bell and spit at me and accuse me of doing things I could never have done.

I had to listen to wailing drunks day and night.
I had to go through a small bottle neck of drinkers to reach my home and I felt very intimidated.

The GP Doctor said at a team meeting that she would not walk up the avenue on her own and didn't know how I did it on a daily basis.

The HSE say they put supports in place when it comes to evicting patients?
They never put supports in place for me - ever.

They refused to even speak to me about the social housing unit.
Refused to find me safe haven until we sorted something safer.

I mean safer as all had said it was unsafe.   Even the HSE had said it was not a suitable environment for me - but still they never acted to make sure i was safe, ever.

The Manager of the area refused to talk to me about the hell i was in and ordered the social worker to close the case as this was a 'housing issue and not a health issue.'

I beg to differ as the HSE had persuaded me to leave the last social housing unit because of the stairwell.
they succeeded but never oversaw where I was actually placed.  I was moved due to disability - they made my life far worse not better, making it better was the whole reason for the move, not to be threatened and placed in danger, Mr. O'Brien

When they did see it, they failed me.  Failed to act and failed to be strong enough to be able to get me to safety.

The HSE closed the file when I had taken two overdoses as suicide attempts and was on a liquid feed for a crohns flare.

A team meeting had stated that my health had deteriorated since I was moved to this place and an OT advised in the future of my rehousing there should be far better inter-agency interaction and involvement to make sure the place was right for me.

But, at the end of the day they never acted and I was told I would be dead before a safe home was found for me.

I fled the county, as you would on hearing such words and couldnt afford to stay in a county i had actually never left in my entire life, so much for what was written on files by medical consultants!

The case file was closed against the wishes of the district nurse who wrote on file that i was in a very fragile state, registered disabled and very unwell, she wanted it all opened again.

It was closed.
I was left.
Tony O'Brien was also the CEO then.
The HSE abandoned me lock stock and barrel.
I refused to leave a hospital because I was witless terrified to move out and back to where i was horrendously bullied, taunted and threatened.

My O'Brien needs to explain to me, how on earth he feels he can confirm that supports are in place when people are ejected from their beds.  Support wasn't there for me.
Mr O'Brien, the HSE has never owned their responsibility to a woman who is severely disabled where consultants - three in fact had named the type of accommodation that would be most suitable for the disabilities i had and how I did not deal well with change and needed to be in a familiar environment.

These consultants ranged across the board of many disciplines.
so this was a cross discipline consenses of what would best suit me.

The HSE ignored this.
Ignored the fact i was in danger
Ignored a woman who had attempted suicide.
Ignored a woman who was too afraid to leave a hospital.
Ignored a woman being threatened that she would be legally responsible to pay for every day in that hospital.

They failed me.
Just as they presently are failing me.
the HSE say more then their prayers.

The ownership, the ability to own what goes wrong is amazingly absent.

I would like Mr. Tony O'Brien to answer me one question:

when this woman refused to leave a hospital bed what supports were put in place for me going back to hell on earth and more of the same.
so much more of the same that all said it was dangerous and even the guards said i was in a dangerous housing environment for myself.

Mr O'Brien, where was the support you claim you put in for such situations?
i can tell you, no one bails out in a hospital bed for nothing.
there has to be a bloody good reason why ordinary people are too afraid to go back into society and that something is terribly amiss if they fail and refuse to.

there is something dreadful about all this i have to say.
You really expect me to believe you when you say People stay even after all supports are given to them when they are about to leave?
i am to believe you?

I don't.  I am sorry i never will!

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