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social housing in Ireland when you are sick and disabled

it is important to say it as it is.  Right?
Yes.  Right.

we have not done well in building social housing stock for those with disabilities, in Ireland.
in fact we have done very badly and build or have so few available for disabled people its staggaring.

So what happens when you become unwell, sick, disabled and mobility compromised here?
what happens if you are in an upstairs social housing unit but cannot cope.

here is what happens.
its not pretty at all.

firstly the right of a person to feel a sense of community, safety and secure is a human right and also named as such in the UN charter.
but then ireland doesnt get that right either and ten years on we still havent signed the convention on human rights for those with disabilities, here.

Neither is it in our constitution that we are entitled to free healthcare.
so i say i am pretty fucked so i am.

but lets get back to HOusing.

i was persuaded to move yep, by the same old organisation that i argue about and with all the time - yep, you are right, its the grand old HSE.
so, they persuaded me, but i hung on with 'i am going out of here in a box.'  but i hung on until they persuaded me and then i capitulated.

what happens next is they help you.
they speak to the council and they argue for you.
but this is a housing situation for a person with a disability.
a person who has severe/profound deafness and who was once abused.
so this is a lady getting older now with a progressive neurodegenerative disease, who had 'history.'
three or four if not more consultants stated where i should live, what circumstances i would cope in and what would make my life better.

the whole reason for asking for rehousing was being persuaded to - to make my life better.

well between the jigs and the reels, the council would not capitulate to keep me on the street i adored even though a downstairs unit had become free.  
the HSE were not even in sniffing distance by that time, where they were is anyones guess.
they refused to really engage at all by the time very strange places were being offered.
i learned a few years later that my OT went on extended leave.  so when she went so did the whole HSE apparently off the case.

i was placed in a shocking environment.
and the images prove this, which i am about to show you.
No one should have to go through this hell on earth.
disabled or not i was ripped from all i had known and dumped.  that is the only word for it.
and from that date my whole life has been turned upside down.

Yes, i believe i have right to blame a healthcare organisation who persuaded me to move, got me to give in but then abandoned me. 
i have a right to be upset when the HSE saw the dangers i was in and admitted it but did nothing.
in fact so did nothing that they closed my case when all were involved in my case, that is the guards too also said it was dangerous.
the GP said she would not walk up the avenue on her own on a daily basis and didnt know how i did it.
well i had to.  i was left.

if anyone thinks that Ireland gets some things right, eg Gay Marriage they manage to get most everything else WRONG.
we have proof of this, all over the place.

the biggest one of late is stating to nurses a directive to heave a person off a bed in a hospital to get rid of these 'trespassers'  the public patients have no right to free healthcare so they say.
so in effect the directive was to pull a patient from a bed that was needed.  good innit.
but shame and shock horror they have withdrawn the memo once it has been seen and the emperor is wearing no clothes like.

but then they dont get the housing right either with 2,500 children homeless this christmas.
there is no need for this.
there are plenty of empty properties, and also vulture funds taking up the rest and rent going through the roof unmonitered, and no need for no cap on rentals.  we have a housing crisis for ffs.
we have a major housing crisis.

there is no need for this in a small country.

but back and away from that rant to this one.
where i was PUT, dumped and spat upon.
here it is.
and from there i fled.
after i fled i met the famous or infamous HSE again and my life isnt my own any more and i barely have my sanity now.
after i fled i started blogging.
i am not standing by no more and not saying it as it is.

you see harm being done and its been done to yourself and your twin sister you will not stand by.
this person doesnt.  i will never just stand meekly and accept it.
i will fight it for myself, my twin and for any other whose rights are being denied and who is suffering.

here is where i was put, nice innit.  thats holy ireland for you - the land of saints and scholars no less.

i was an artist once - before this move - and still not an artist since.

this is the toilet - for a wheelchair user!  the grime was horrendous. the mess and muck was unbelievable, it was filthy.  if you are all alone in the world who was going to sort this?

one christmas my twin and i were alone, so we put a strip of chipboard on two small tables and ate together.  it was of course depressing to say the least.

even the poor dog was depressed - nb the filthy yard, the carpet pins still sticking up when they removed the old carpet (but not the vile linoleum which was sticking and dank), note the rotting door, part of which fell off in a cc officer's hand.

when this was all cleaned up there were eight floor boards left between the fire grate and a sofa, a small sofa as i had to get rid of the one i had it wouldnt fit in.

despair quickly set in.  i was now sandwiched between two roaring alcoholics and all the cul de sac drank, i was lost as a single woman among all these men and their booze, i was terrified.

no place to store the mobility scooter.  at the last place i had it in the van, at the front door, so safe, warm, free from wet but now look where it is.

there is no conceivable hope in hell that the illusion of this abode was actually making my life better, look at that walk to the rest of the estate?  and when we were banked in with snow i was left here bang between men alone.  yes, i was scared.

most people when they move to a new place are able to have their belongings inside the actual home but most of my stuff couldnt fit, i had been downsized so badly and had extra medical equiptment now nothing really worked here.

my new home was like this for months, as so little had been done to the fabric of the unit i had to start all over again, but there was no storage for my stuff, not a cupboard in sight.

i think you can understand how this woman went downhill fast here, how she took overdoses and ended on a liquid feed as her crohns disease worsened under all this stress and the stress of bullying and harrassment from the natives.

what got it for me was seeing grass, but grass doesnt make a home and the guy who owned that white van beyond the gate jumped the wall one day to attack me.  because the council were going to get him to give up his parking bay for my adapted van.  no way, he would rather burn down all three units he said.  no way, said the council we will leave him alone, we dont want him doing anything to ann

pixels have been altered in this but the dirt is obvious, pixel or no pixel

a council officer was arguing that he didnt think this door needed replacing (it was warped, rotten, growing mould and more besides) when this strip at the ridge came away in his hand!

sitting room for a sick lady who has an energy disease and mobility compromised and no family.  who was to sort this ffs.


if you can do comparisons in size judge the smallest dog we have, a chihuahua, she takes up alot of this space and my mess is all around as no shelves, cupboards, wardrobes nada!

the old rotting kitchen units had to be dumped they were so bad

and a whole new kitchen had to be put in - my twin bought me this.

having a van outside your hall door was now a distant memory and this was to improve my quality of life?

talking about rain, it seemed to rain forever, and on all my belongings, most of which had to be ditched or sold anyway

this is my twin.  we sold our jointly owned home, which she was living in when she came home with a disability, here she is helping me move OUT.  AFTER i  had been shot at.
so it was that insanity and my sanity was at stake, i left but as usual no one helped me one jot, except my beautiful twin who was equally truamatised.  
there is only one organisation to blame for this bloody mess and that is THE famous HSE!
i was happy where i was.  i had no intention of leaving or asking to leave until they persuaded me to do so.
they also vanished soon after leaving me alone and abandoned me to all of this.

anyone think this is right in a supposedly 'modern society?'

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