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no legal rights to healthcare in Ireland for public patients

so this lady is not entitled to healthcare and has to do with her nurse attendent - maggie mai!
the alien in the middle probably is entitled to healthcare in ireland, those on either side are not and in London UK, because we were not.
taken many years ago when i got sick first.
Controversy again with an outrageous memo sent to all hospitals citing the legal right of nurses to eject public patients from their beds as - the Irish Constitution doesnt give us the right to free healthcare.

This means also that they cannot eject private patients, as they bring in the money to the hospitals.

so the public patients are in effect illegally being treated and also illegally occupying a hospital bed.

Well, according to the Legal departments of the HSE this is what it is stating.

The constitution doesnt give us the right to free healthcare but at the foundation of the state we didn't have Insurance cover for healthcare and most would have got it free surely?

The poor didnt fare well, we know that with mortality rates being extraordinary high for all diseases, childbirth and crowded hovels of homes.

We sorted this through altruistic doctors of the day, stream lining care and putting care for the poor into place and making a massive difference.

This is proven as fact.
So if the constitution omits any reference to healthcare either public or private is this a legal citation by 'omission' or does it say in the constitution, FACTUALLY, that there is no free healthcare in the state of Ireland and FACTUALLY you are not entitled to it.

is there that very clause or is it simply not there so its implied?
because free healthcare hasnt even been mentioned?

Well now i know and understand the dreadful treatment in a public hospital over the past few years.
I have been having troubling occurrances in the 'head department.'  This caused me to end in A'E and each time sent home with no tests whatsoever.

on one occassion the young doctor told me that 'this is an Emergency department you know.'
well i did know
i was there as an emergency.

but the fact that there was a lady on the trolley being royally treated was a reminder of how gutter unworthy of any healthcare i was anyway.

nurses fussed and a very nice consultant was pandering to her need and being all very kind indeed (i didnt see a consultant at all).
I heard the consultant inform her not to worry that he would keep her in and do an MRI in the morning.
the woman in a dark suit took a note and organised a bed for her and the tests.

i was being coerced out of the door, in no uncertain terms.
i couldnt argue, couldnt plead, could do nothing.
i had to go and that was that.
i went.

Mentioning this to a kindly doctor as an outpatient who didnt deal with the 'head department' at all, but decided to set up some tests, CT scan first and this showed that i had had a stroke.

the fact that no one told me i had had a stroke is worrying, for three times since i have been A'e and booted out each time with no tests.

the fact i couldnt even say this to the ambulance men because no doctor ever told me i had had one also is worrying.

i have since had an MRI and waiting for the results.
that was organised when they saw the stroke on the CT scan.

when you go into an emergency department with consistent symptoms and know you have had a stroke and its on file the duty towards me - ha, again according to Liberty Hall and its quotes from the same constitution that says we are not entitled to free healthcare - cherish all children equally - i guess that also applies to all citizens equally, well we are equal are we not?
thats a whole different ball game and no we are not.
but the state recognises that all are to be treated equally, no?

i am so shit gutter worthless i have a very young reg get me out of that trolley by saying he knew what was wrong and injected me with a steroid injection up the back of the head and said 'there now, that should last for six months.'
it didnt, it didnt do anything in fact, it was a big fat placebo.
and for my sins i get a big fat haematoma swelling in the back of my head the next day.
asking the doctor, the consultant did he not realise once i was injecting heparin and once too i bled like a pig during a muscle biopsy how then could a reg who had no patients as he was that new could do this?
he hastily added that that was not his responsibility.
i hasten to think after the fact that no registrar usually makes these decisions new to a hospital without first consulting a neurological consultant as i have a neurological condition?  NO?

so a newbie can and does do things to people without just checking if its alright to do it so?

i seriously am becoming incredibly worried.
the head stuff is still not sorted.
a referral to a ENT speciality consultant has gone missing and never received, and again i have been waiting for an appointment with him for two years, whereas if i was a private patient i could get it next week, or two years ago in fact for the same symptoms i presently am experiencing and which isnt being dealt with.
cos i am a fecker who is so shit i am unworthy of health care and actually not entitled to it.
so are you saying then that you are killing me off so?
i think this in effect is what is happening.

my neurologist refuses to refer me back to a centre of excellence in the UK because he doesnt see any point.
but i do!
its my body and i have that right under the Rare Diseases Plan and also under the E112 Agreement.
but this doctor just more or less states 'will you just go home and die off eh?'

No, i wont.
and i remind the HSE that they were given the remit of the Healthcare needs of ALL the citizens of this state, and primarily those in the public healthcare system!

those going private wouldnt sniff a hse official, whereas we have to endure loathsome stuff from all quarters of this heavily inflated over rated and dysfunctional organization.

we have no choice and been told so.
we do not get any choice whatsover.

so the denial of healthcare also means that you are wasting away and you are not entitled to and do not get it either - physiotherapy, proper bed set up, assistive aids, psychological services nor even doctors.

as i am being flushed from the hospital data statistical base as they shift numbers to improve the rating by claiming discharge as well but rather should be stating 'discharge due to flushout to make this look good, and yes she is sick but doesnt matter and no i dont care, feck off and go die.'

so those who believe we, the public sector as patients have it all rosy and you in the private poor sods have to pay for this, you can bet your bottom dollar you havent a clue how hard it is to be cared for by the state.
its almost impossible.
but you continue a farce by saying we are being cared for by the state.
we are not, proven and i have experienced ths.
we are most definitely not being cared for by the state.

still no responses as to who sanctioned 22k for the Health of social care HSE last year for subsistence and travel an increase of 131% in one year.

i still feel 22k would go a long way in nurses pay and far more besides, it may even be spend on a fecker like me.

holy god forbid i say.

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