Tuesday, November 1, 2016

HSE and the agreement for travel help

how on earth can the HSE keep this up?
my head simply cannot get around this one.
my head feels as if its on the end of a corkscrew, the old fashioned type - the one where the head is turned and turned until the bloody cork is popped or in my case, my head is popped right off of the body.

it had been welcomed that the HSE (health service executive) agreed to help me get to the hospitals.

their agreement (this wasnt a joint agreement, nb no i never devised this agreement, it was the hse who agreed to this nb)
was - to help me get to hospital appointments because i am getting more unable for the long trips and then the long hours spend in the hospitals in the middle before the trip home again.
these journeys are becoming intolerable.

i think they realised to a degree that there was danger involved her and for health and safety they best help us.  we live a good deal away from the various hospitals we attend.

the catch in this came about ten days ago when i was to pick up a HSE provided wheelchair, i asked for help getting there as wasnt able to take van or wheelchair i presently have.
i was told it wasnt a acute hospital so they couldnt take me to get the HSE wheelchair.

so how was i going to do this?
in the end i asked an even older sister with a sick husband, 11yrs older in fact, which makes her 75yrs old, is this actually right that the HSE, healthcare provider makes me ask a sister who is carer for a sick husband do this?

well they were not backing down.
the appontment was cancelled due to the technician being sick.
so even though high anxiety and pain occurred in the arguing over this, the appointment never happened and the wheelchairs are coming to us this next time rather than we go to them.

i gave in my appointments today so that taxis could be organised.
again there was one appointment to a dental hospital that deals with my teeth or the falling out teeth due to primary sjogrens syndrome.

primary sjogrens also brings with it a 44% higher risk of non-hodgkins lymphoma, so that all has to be observed and checked as too any signs of any other mouth cancers, lumps bumps etc that could mean something more.
no ordinary dentist will actually have me as a patient.
but i was refused today help in getting to this place, which is in dublin city.
but i could if need be get to a hospital about ten miles further than there or ten miles nearer because they are acute hospitals.

now if you can make sense of this you are a better man or woman than myself.

to me its absolutely harrowing in extreme to be putting me a 63yr old woman through jigs and reels in such a fashion.

today i ring in to the area managers office and entirely lost the plot, i screamed and roared and had lost it, completely.
the strain of this engagement has now got to me.
i am hoping my supporters will actually support me through this cos i feel i am breaking under the strain.

this is a perverse organisation.
finding hearts, i ask the elves of christmas to find the hearts of the HSE quickly
we are supposed to be sorting a veritable mess through mediation but if they nit pick like this do you think that serious mediation can be achieved at a top level if this is how low they cast the net and how low they stoop to rachet up my pain and anxiety to such a level i thought i would have a stroke.

talk of strokes me folks i go to a hospital, this week, helped by taxi from the hse to see if i did have a stroke or haemorrage, as i had a ct scan and now called back for an MRI.

i have no idea what they have seen on the ct to call me in but all i know its for stroke haemorrage radiography exam.

this is what happens when the sick are cruicifed by the HSE.
name it!
i do not like the HSE and yearn for them out of my life.
like any whistleblower in ireland, i know the hse read this, and i know they are making my life hell and will be perverse enough to continue this farce but i hope they do not.

i hope they will actually feel something soon.
actually FEEL what they could be doing to me and my twin sister.

FEELING something is what normal people do for the sick and elderly, you have to feel first.
i am waiting for it.
either automatons or robots they have not shown feeling, i am waiting for their human side.
i still think it possible, but i am waiting for blood to run warm to the head and for the heart to rule that steel that they wrap themselves in, possibly against hurt from outside.
but god what a way to prevent hurt.
so they kinda like watching me post on a blog their minutae details of how they treat an older woman?
surely to god they could feel that all this is so unnecessary and i should gain a life before i am ten feet under.

if anyone with clout out there knows the hse intimately and sees this, will you asked them to go find their hearts. 
they have to be somewhere some place.
we could do a hide and seek on this, but easter is a long way off.
maybe elves and  little people can help them, they have a heap of them in lapland i believe and its not yet christmas and i am sure the exercise and good food would please our minister for health, coming up to the 'heavy' season for the elves, at christmas.
can we find some hse hearts.

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