Wednesday, March 9, 2011

angels fly by

I have to say right now, I believe in angels!
not the plastic one i found sideways on the floor near the leg of my fireplace, not the one who has a hole in her dress, er, thats where the light shines-on the christmas tree, its a small light and a bigger dress.
we shall get a bit more sense here by saying, no dress but a very large light, glowing and shining bright to bring the brightness and sense of it all, that is to Live and be Human.
when do you find a woman who can actually calm darkened souls and fearful humans on a process to well, where?
for two now, sitting and lying it out day after day in separate places that can no way be called 'home.'
those homes we wait with anxiety and there seems to be an overburdened and overly long wait indeed!
the black tulips are nearly in flower, the daffs are defo in massive glory, even on the roundabouts.
 At present there are far far too many roundabouts in my life!
it is getting a bit like 'the red cow roundabout' the haltings there of moos and bah and bah humbug and hoots and screams and f's all in abundance well where?
but i deviate, the angel, well The Angel is at every roundabout and every corner right now.
she is by the babbling brook and stream, and there is one there there is.
she watches as we slither away in a flower festooned van.  maybe a wistful smile, behind the shutters, she does not let us know, i know for i see her there, in my mind.
there goes the grey van festooned.
inside o that van is a set of crippled kidos, but as we depart we ain't.
but not crippled as in the derogatory word of old, but disabled, crippled as in dis-abled by the obstacles of life.
Christine, take a bow, for two stronger cripplers are striding forth now with a thinking brain on many matters that require the brain and the thinking part.
as the cripplers leave each other both for their bed, it remains a calm mind but a thinking one..thanks to OUR angel.
I willingly now allow my twino adopt her so that our road can lead to Peace, harmony, a quietness and an understanding.
we want to be at peace.
so some part of my twin and i are together united in thought and understand a bit better thanks to Christine our angel.
now, brains, as in Brain...week.
believe it or ney, it is, 'Brain Week.'  where have i heard that mentioned in the media.  well not anywhere really, unless i wasn't paying much attention as my wee brain is in overload itself right now.
this week we are to be aware of our BRain and that of others, as in all the people who have neurological conditions in Ireland, and believe me there are far more than you can imagine and we also have the worst care, the least consultants and auxilliary professionals than any other country in the European Union, our services are...crap.
Shit, yes shit.
and so with the new dawn today in the Dail, i for one will never let my constituent TD forget it, that is, neurology and disability and sorry housing.
Mr. Gilmore, you have not seen the back of me yet at your clinic.
(they should be abandoned, they are a waste of time).
i am watching you Sir, a care package, a reversal of my disability pension payout and more care for our brains, there are many suffering brains out there, Mr. Gilmore.
we want to LIVE.. we do and we shall.
Now, nursing homes.
its been a very long day.
Nursing homes my friends is the 'end of the line,' for ALL.
make no mistake about it.  Or Swiss!
Ireland will shortly have more people over 65 than children in our state.
so the over 65 requires the dedication and thought and exercising for the brains, I do hope there are many out there.
when you are over 65, Life is NOT over, and you, when you reach that age will also be moaning this fact.
what is happening now when you are not 65, is that many are and Life is Over.
they are the young women and men in the Nursing Homes.
these are the so called, retirement homes, sheltered accommodation, Rest homes and all other names bar...Dying cages..which they are.
All in the nursing homes know that they are in them to die.
All know their families have put them there.
All know they have been rejected, discarded and forgotten.
Some have no families, but most do and they shut down if you talk about them, they feel hurt immediately.  Very hurt.
remember this when you say to your Ma and Da 'its for the best, they will look after you and you will be safe."
what will be safe?
bones?  clothing? Heating?  money?
well of the latter, the money is divided now between the nursing homes and the relatives.
for money is nothing in these places.
Every single person under the age of 65 should spend some time volunteering in these Dying cages.'
walk with these souls, dont be given a guided tour.
walk the walk and listen to the lovely people there.
dont pay attention to the notice of activities on the board, they dont happen and that notice is there for the inspectors.
Pay heed to the electric doors there, thats to make sure no one escapes.
step a foot wrong on the wrong side of 'ability' and they shift you to the nursing home part of the complex.
so the runners of these joints never thought that the elderly were in nursing homes but sort of sheltered accommodation, and when you jumped and skipped flat on your face, you face the nursing home part.  but you have never been fooled for you knew you were in the 'Dying cage' no matter what description has been put on it.

It doesnt seem to cross one's mind (brain/power) that one day YOU too will be THERE!
yet it does cross your mind that YOUR relatives hate these joints.
but what also doesnt seem to cross YOUR minds, is "do i REALLY want this for myself when the time comes?"
If the answer is 'i would rather drive into the sea than be put in them places,' then don't for God's sake drive into the sea, do something about this criminality toward our elderly and wise people, they DO have BRAINS, healthy worthy brains.
but all they get is the dog food and the prayers and thats about it.
as each little woman came to the day room with that smudge on their forehead i wonder, 'who is committing the sins here, father?'
well that should be son, daughter, niece and nep.
on this day of the beginning of 40 days in a wilderness without chocolate and alcohol contemplating your navel and the day for the vino and crunchie, crunch some ice on 'thought for the day.' for the BRains who are suffering.
we have firstly the brains that are going very array, like my twins and mine and the thousands of others with neurological severe conditions, our brains are NOT behaving themselves, AT ALL.
and then we have the Brains in those dreadful workhouses (they dont get paid for work, they dont DO anything there).
Mark it man, you will be there so dont be a fool or foolish.
and when you are there you will too meet the idiot with her dog trying to make a difference when you know you cannot because these poor sods want freedom and meaningful occupation and consideration.
thinking of spring, and the daffs i went armed, with the dog, biodegradable pots, seeds of flowers and veg and i was the one doing the potting.
why, they sat, disinterested, demoralized, institutionalized, defeated, apathetic, lonely, depressed and die...yes.
Defo not planting carrots in biodegradable tubs.
think about the irony in that.
carrots moyah.

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