Monday, March 14, 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird

How do you escape i ask and i think of the guy in this famous tale.
Never doubt it, the sins, real, imagined or perceived will never ever be forgotten.
Each and everyone of us has transgressed in Life.
that is part of being human.
what i wonder is, how human is lynch mobs, lynch mobs especially on character and personality.
This is all general, in the general scheme of things.
Look how far the personal disasters stretch down your generations before you and in the immediate lineage?
well mine are clear and cut.
there is not one soul alive who knows me who does not know my past, my present and some even my future.
Has there been either rethinks, forgiveness, now that is too, asking for forgiveness in the light of what a person may know of me - if they bother to befriend me.
where has the sin occurred, and is the original sin, still being acted out in the minds of many?
or even myself?
well please decide.
what has been put aside, what has been taken up - on all sides.
remember, no one escapes this personal analysis of sins.
it is a deep set mindset.
People are watching and waiting for the emission of 'i told you so.'
One step out of the line of society's expectation of norm you are gone, and cut and usually cut out.
Ireland is neither a "secret society."
In the end all will be levelled.
all will be out in the wash.
In small and insular societies, say on a small populated island which ireland is, a fact it doesn't recognize! er, and large expanses of say america where there are small disconnect societies, away from sort of mainstream, levels of broadmindedness and different  and varied attitudes, you will find the cut throat, of the valley, the valley of the squinting windows.
there is nothing greater to relieve the boredom i guess!
and the flea analogy comes to mind, again.
all hopping fleas from one body to the other, and the bite is woeful painful.
you bite me, i bite you, she bites her and he bites the other, so on and so forth.
its never a lick nor soft touch.
it jugular language of APES.
you know the beating of breasts and the barred manic teeth and the absolute dominance of the bully or the alpha male.
unfortunately its even seen in kids now.
the honking of the irate driver.
the screeching of the wounded women and the yowling of the angry men.
animal like.
there is no point in saying that human is superior.
you know that its far from.
you look around you and see, who sniped a shot across your bow today?
who yelled and screamed, who scuffed you in the street, turned away pretending not to see.
who made you invisible today, in words, silence, deed or the yowl.
and every inch of your life has been a book on their shelves.
they know you.
You say you do have secrets amongst you.
but there are none.
most human beings are replicas of the generations before, as if and in 'been there, done that, i know that, its all too familiar, omg not coming out in THIS generation again?
and omg, dont even contemplate telling HER.
cos if you do, well what will she do with the info?
usually nothing, cos someone else has done something with the info before the dreaded ostracized.
now books.
files as thick as tomes reign supreme.
you cannot escape and there are no secrets.
you are categorized, sized up, measured and weighted.  you are consigned.
designated to be slotted.
designated to be sorted, squeezed dry.
the whole point of such vile treatment of one toward another is, dominance.
it has less, far less to do with a person who has not stopped at the red light.
far more to do with the opportunity that provides to prove it to others that 'well, at least I did not do that, or that, or that!  Nah, no you didnt - but you did this, and this, and this and THAT!
what was it in the bible.  it is a well known phrase, and in all religions and philosophies and rarely acted upon - take the log out of your own eye before you take the splinter out of others.
Information mate.
what happens the information of lives within a supposed secret society which isn't one without a doubt.
its like a toilet, it finds the general pool, no stopping.
it can be stopped, some of it, at the S-bend, at least its slowed down there but once down, round and over its OUT!
so, cellotape of lips is a request yes, but what if you  cellotape the wrong lips and some are not so or become unzipped in some shape or fashion.
we then have the footsteps in the dark in the leaves and the preconceived ideas.
ooh, watch that window and watch them curtains.
Big brother is watching you!

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