Saturday, March 12, 2011

How fragile is a Human Soul

Think not on the enemy.

Think about those nearest to fragile are they.  They have a Soul...too.

No matter in an economic downturn, no matter if money is the new God, remember it can never be taken to the grave, but your own Soul shall make it there, alone.  The soil and sod is unforgiving.

Rest peace and so too the money, the money does not move, it does not breathe, it is a lifeless piece of alloy.  It has a stamp on it but not the stamp of life and hurts and pain.

Most Souls have that aplenty.
do please think of the value of the jingglies in your pocket or purse.
What can it buy you...not?
It will not serve well if you serve not the Souls around you.
It will buy you the petrol at a more expensive cost now, for there are Suffering Souls fighting for dignity away from tyranny.

I want people to think carefully upon the dignity of all that live within the circle, those who are sick and disabled. Those who brash and spit not of vile contempt, but more of sadness and pain.

Flip that coin of nothingness...see the other side.
the basic junk in the adapted van, cracked and beautiful for thats to Souls it will be, who do not have the money for behind the scenes these priceless cracked were found where it cost Eight euros for a portion of potato salad.
We got the cracked for nothing.
Remember behind money are different stories and lives.
what may be an utter disgrace and tyranny to the social graces of society are also a display for others who are both considered with contempt, considered cracked and useless and considered with no Soul worth speaking of.

May God judge my soul and that of others well and carefully.
Forget not the cracked shells that brought the goodness for a child, that is the protein and wonder in a delicate breakfast egg.
Those shells are a mere miracle in the making, if one bothers to think.

so think that all, not one or two but all are facing in the same direction, all want the same things from life and mostly all wont "Love" and if there is not Love and Charity there is absolutely nothing.

One can walk alone on the shores in howling gales, feel the heaviness of the collected coins, that do not speak nor find the personal solution,  be distraught at ones own pain and walk back to the collection jobs.

If a person steps beyond that, see the road that all are traveling.

Remember too, that in most cases these roads meet in a collected abyss of utter loneliness when one reaches the age of abandonment of the next generation, we shall all reap what we have brought on ourselves through enterprise, work and greed, to better oneself through economics is to hone down the useful and the useless, in the circle that causes collective greed.
the useless are but us.  the collective uselessness who will never be considered.
So its up to all to step out of the jingle jungle and consider the future.
Old age, uselessness and responsibility.
In order to consider the future, remember your path and step off that inevitable road and try to make it better for those who have met at the junction ahead.
make the end worth it.
Make it be so that all are enveloped in Love, a collective love of appreciation, not sadness as you wait the cold earth.
Make the end GOOD now, not then.  Not in a distant future or a near future.
We have an abundance of good will out there, to be tapped.
dispense of the jinglers and do some real good with it and also your own good Soul.
we are all but travelers and tis so easy to smash to the ground others who will find it very hard to struggle back up. but it is Easier, to raise up one's fellow men in appreciation of their strengths, and not concentrate on their faults and limitations.
A good old catholic preach this has been!
i am home, in a Unit, that is a box, my chis are resting as i am.
One has to be grateful that i am safe from attack.
I am grateful, very.
I am a free Soul.  As all should be.

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