Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebration PADDY!

Happy St. Paddy's Day, where ever you may be, 'we' have em in America, Australia, New Zealand, UK and all over, oh Canada as well, best wishes to my relatives overseas, in Dubai, Toronto and London.
Best wishes to all in Ireland too, in Mayo, Tipp and also Dublin, Co. Wicklow and scattered.
there were rather two scattered Pads today as we bundled up the nearest and latest crisis.
we seem to be having them in more than spades of late.
I guess buying the plonkers yesterday for our skulls might have helped us get rid of the Black Dog and find the Funny Bone today.  The parade did that, and Black Dog, well we shall have to ask  Paddy Doyle whatever happened Black Dog, i think he was banished by the Children of Ireland helped by Uncle Ernie.
The Black Dog around my parts is not that of chihuahuas nor of the Bulldog description nor the bouncy saff, of who we shall see asap.
more so of irate family members.  There seems to be them in spades too.
Too many black dogs running around like chaos gone galloping.
By the end of the day, lets hope...we have to, that the children of Eire helped by Ernie, the horses of Cheltenham, helped by Jocks and night helped by weariness will have staved off the dogs of black, with a capitol D, and then tomorrow, the parade of Colour and enlightenment will start the brave new dawn.
I picked my dear twin up in tears, red nose, tired around the eyes, very flat for a paddy, indeed.
Well this paddy wasnt so great either, for i seemed to the obstacle in the way of fantastic jubilation of the day!
Criptics can be uncripped and clipped by the crippled.
When the heart is full and willing, to spread whatever is left of jubilee, nothing can banish this.
snakes do slither far and wide but banishing laughter and jokes at an older age is not for the doubty, but for the young.
My twin and i are the willing and full.
we are SO willing to wake each morn and face it.
whatever it brings, the day has to be faced...crisis after crisis and forever.
The day there will be more than a funny bone to lift us up will be the day we are on the horses back (yikes :(!)
We both need peace in spades, if the crippled are reading this we are talking about PEACE!
but the crippled will never know themselves.
or are they THAT foolish.
i cannot on line say the unspeakable.
My twin and i need PEACE.
We need a home, not blown about the country side like tumbleweed nor dandelion clocks.
We need to be earthed not by the leaden legs nor clumpy feet but in spirit and soul.
We do know the capacity to end our torture is there.
the anxiety, the pain, the frustration, the endlessness of wondering when we both will have a home to call our own, not a camp down in a difficult unit or household.
a real home, where dogs can run free and bring joy, where we can refresh each other with cups of tea rather than shore each other up from the tears spilt.
this is supposed to be HOLY IRELAND.
It isn't, by no stretch of the imagination.
the tub of shamrock handed over in crystal, is not the tub the twin and i drank from today, nor the swathes of the rich in America who donned the green.
the twin and i though did it in just as much style but also in struggle.
tis more than the banks that have gone unjingled here, i want to say.
the brats of wealth and spoilers for others have done that in bag loads.
So who goes to bed a happier man or woman today in Holy Ireland?
I hope the guy sitting by the sea with his wee Princess, for princess was gorgeous and princess wasn't that old but well loved indeed. A shitz zu!
My princess is not getting any younger either, and i love her well, but poorly at times, but Love her very very much.
the blight is here still on my shore, the rain will come all too soon again, the mist come down, the darkness will dampen spirits, and the funny bone will have to be found all over again.
But did not the children rid the land of the Black Dog today?
surely fantasy reins for one day?
it is not over yet, the 24hrs of the 17th day of the third month of the year 2011 is not over.
Apologize those who have hurt others today and at least be resolved to go to bed comforted.
but one apology has to be meant as in the christian way, that is, you have to wake up and act the apology out by not being hurtful again, and penitence is required too.
a home please, to settle the weary.
i will know i did my best today, i tried.  God loves a trier.
but a christian would not allow me wander the land of milk and honey today.

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