Saturday, August 20, 2011

aspies, fright and such things as living!

ah well my friends you just have to give it your best shot eh?  this stuff of life which the native indians have sussed out and also the yogis - bears of the world. well done.
tis me being a tad bit bored and also a tad bit regretful as i reflect on massive storms and jolting of lives and traumatic experiences for all once they sit with the old Awynah here eh?

the only place to put the weary Awynah and her bloody stomach of trouble is in the hospital, single room MRSA positive.
clap her there, drip her up and stoke down the fire in that belly of hers, metaphorically, real and physical.
Awynah had a crohns collapse as well as nearly loosing the mind and brain, the one she thought was fantastic at organization and spirit, pluck and expertise.
Oh how wrong i was and oh how Mae a Culpa i was too, for those who know, please correct the spellin'
well this Aspie is setting down some personal boundaries, setting a simple goal to tackle the difficulties squarely, realistically and through peaceful means.
no longer throwing missiles which actually hit the target now, not just the walls near the target(s).
so no more ducking i hope.
we have to set a straight path to progress.
the crohns has calmed well, the injections of boots of steroids did the trick and i am recovering from a belt of a collapse, with the puking and shitting plenty.
as i recover i count the cost and lost of such a deshevelled few months with those i love dearly.
never ever destroy cos you are in mighty pain. do realize that everyone else is in pain too.
many who fight forget that the pain is equal and shared aplenty methinks by now.
so the plan is to go calm, watch the steps i take, don't gobble up ground and dust in the pacing frantic clomping 'march on.'
boundaries my friends, boundaries for all, for boundaries keep you sane and keep you aware of what you can do and what you cannot.
it is especially important for those struggling with health issues.
living with health issues means you absolutely MUST spare the energy banks.
there is little reserve to tide you by if the banks go bankrupt.
pennys not bucks, pennies not euros or dollars. just simple pennies of energy spent on others, for you care.  you do care so much.
but caring and sharing is the stuff of energy banks reserves.
we must share the energy reserves to stay ahead o posse.
well to gabble on i now have to tackle the fight against my 'no pay-rent bug" he/she has to be booted out of my skin and that of the one i infected.
thanks to St. Michaels A&E department.  thanks. you take your life in your hands visiting that there place in an emergency!
so the aspie is staying cool and very positive, tis great to do so in the virtual world but in the process the body is stilled great, with the googling and 'no speak' chat, which saves the vocal chords and the spin from the mind with overload of the senses.
Overload, my friends destroys the energy banks, thats there are bloody armour tanks going into the skull with wheels of iron and mashing up such simple buildings of brain and grey matter.
go smash some other bank now please.
spare me the steel and guns.
oh ann is on a roll with this one for sure.
so is the Mitzi, and the other Mitzis of the world all over.
creative havoc to save the many suffering people and saving the need for further suffering.
oh Mitzi there fighting for the protection of the unborn child from the dreadful consequences of contracting Rubella in the womb when being nourished to form a perfect human being.

Awnyah is now off to the scratcher with the internal guns ablazing with ideas for 'Positivity'
Awnyah faced demons before and took em on and won.
oh for awynah who shook the anti-depressants, the wallop and dollops of mega heavy drugs, the drink and fags.  all gone, up stakes and gone out of the body and soul of the 'oh please give me peace' body of Awynah.
As the attacked once said and gave plaques for evidence "when i sorted my head out the body fell apart" oh so true.
but with it i took the wheels by clench did i not, my attacked?
who can drive the van-o like the good old Awnyah todaysay!  who can stamp the grey with pink and purple and have you being chased down alleyways and lanes to red lights and more aflashing?  "Where did you get the flowers on that there van, i just HAD TO KNOW!"
ah sure thats what the Flower Power was all about, peace, cherishing each and everyone.
cherishing and nourishing and nurturing the weary.
my pink and purple flowers will sing from here on.  If i get out of Jail.
i have a charge to fight in the courts in September, bloody pipsqeak of a guard who got overload of power that day a year and more on Easter Sunday - never forget day that.
wait to September dear young guard who wanted to whip and adapted van from under the useless legs and that of the attacked as-formentioned above.
bloody hell the life of an Aspie and Attacked is a long and rocky one for sure.
but the welcomed bugs and bees buzz on and so must we all, aspie or not, there is some living to be done. so lets begin on a grand parade of celebration.
now what a belt of a blog on this one here.
blame the pump of all that whacking steroids on the blazing guns of the Awnyah todaysay.
oh good night my friends, good night.

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