Monday, August 22, 2011

a starting point of nothing

I am a bit nervous about to-morrow i have to say.
I need 'OUT' of the hospital for sure.
It looks as if the nurses believe i will be out.
But what has been settled?
it is fully understood that i intend to stay firm in the face of adversity.
i have told the consultants that my housing difficulies was, difficult.
i have told the hse community care team that i am at the end of the rope and will no longer put myself in a vulnerable situation in a violent and intimatory enclave where i feel threatened. where my person feels threatened and so too my mind and soul.
my heatlh as well is increasingly suffer.

when i though of my Pankhurst style stance in this i wonder would the history books read so well all for it?
I hardly think so.  we will see that identical twins lived and led a comparitively different life all told.
There is a doctor in the house after centuries and in those centuries the doctor was indeed a woman before her.
and yet, history will show that no member of this so called elite-ist family was ever in social housing.
but she is fine and did fine.
but definitely no one ran under the horse for protest, in my case lay down on the brown leather sofa in the hospital and claimed, sorry doc, no where to go and i aint budging."
so its a first, provocateur style.  "ah will you grab her by the ankles and take her off the bloody course." you may hear them say.
well, it will come to that.
there could be shame and scary tomorrow, but i shall do it for repeated shame and scary and downright overly scarey  when i had to take up a single residency in face of boozers all around another female none in sight.
need for justice takes desperate measures.
and so when the family too look back they will with shame, for they had a panki in the house!
and what does emily do, she shows up the men but in this case (the family). it woiuldnt go unnoticed amongst the war clans in these parts that an unusual presidence has been struck within the conservative, upstanding upper middle class family.
I will go down in history as an aggitator and my twin as an instigator.
well at least the nouns seem pretty similar.
so war may begin and the shit will be laid bare. and an emily panki is going to announce the truth, take a bow (not really) and return to her seat, (bed, really!) lets see what will happen this space!|

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