Thursday, August 18, 2011

Balance of Love 11

my 'part 1 of "Balance of Love" was unedited and i am ashamed, but enthusiasm knows no bounds.

I started off part one of this blog with the need to say that cruelty never ever produces good results.
also the way one learns is a thin line between too much love and no love at all.
and when all this is in the mix of childhood it is disastrous.
there is a small factor i do not understand fully.
where does personality come in when one is able to aborb the worst abuses and also the little of the best assets.
that is, in light of bullying some people do fare better than others.
so personality has a role to play.
there is one thing about mixed messages of bullying and love and love been given and taken away - very few winners in total.
that is why the balance of love is so very fine.
and because it is so fine, few get that balance which leads to the bigger picture of the entire universe being dragged up on a base of dysfunction and lack of attunement to the perfectness that is intrinsically inherent but never achieved.
but humans do make or break others, especially in allowing individuals to develop.
the roles then of parenthood are an enormous burden and the most uneducated role on the planet, not skills based at all! very hit and miss.

Most people can find many faults in their parents whereas they see few in their teachers.
thats because teachers are not the first so called educators and they are the first educated professionals!
from the vantage point of being the oldie in a dysfunctional system i see what has happened when cruelty whether conciously given or not has had an effect on others, other than myself.
where too little love and too much has had its own effects too and where there is an unpredictable element in the dosage as well, which can be equally destabilizing.
when i look at the ruination of one life, my own i write so that i can make a difference in younger persons perceptions of human life.
I wish cruelty of the 'known kind' to stop and for the known kind to be pointed out to others and taken on board.
I wish for young people to understand that you cannot lash love out there in vast amounts especially the wrong kind of love.
if you do not understand love and never fully known healthy love then you certainly cannot give it and certainly cannot accept it.
when mothers have so much power too on how they can distribute this love a person who does not receive adequate doses feels the power of it and will not be able to understand the very nature of power.
so cruelty, love, hate, too little and too much love is a vicious mix.
and when you meet 'Hurt' its Lethal.
i could have said all of part one and two in a few words - "everything in moderation, makes a mature person and a human person not a hurt person nor a sick person."

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