Saturday, October 19, 2013

an idea is brewing but it had to come....

hello my followers to date.
you gotta agree with me that the blog name is daft, utterly daft, who can remember that?

there is to be a name change but i am unclear how to let my followers know - isnt there is a sort of link  so that when you change someone trying to get into 'awnyah' will be immediately redirected to "new name"

the new name now is my deepest concentration and as yet has not been born.

i dont think it will take nine months to be created so just a bit of a warning here, for reason of sanity for all, the name in its present form will shortly be erased and a new one placed at the top of the plinth.

watch this space....

there is a full moon tonight and the thunder and lightening has been raging.
my two chihuahuas are fast asleep and have not moved an inch since the start of the storn.
does that say something about their clever attitude or their stupidiy?

all comments welcomed.

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