Thursday, October 17, 2013

the budget, our famous count down to immorality

well the budget was stark.

many just thank the gods that the gov of ireland didnt stop the free travel.
this being heard from a well off over 70yr old.

it is all very well to consider the 'me fein' when one looks at the budget, to consider it like this means so much more.

who cares say many, i wasnt effected THAT much.
so who was effected?
its plain to see who was.

the long term unemployed.
the young person out of work and seeking.
the elderly
the disabled
the poor
the disadvantaged
AND the least well off - who couldn't care a shite about free travel for their main concern being either food or heat for the winter, when one is elderly, without the means, the cash flow or ability to keep all the balls in the air due to high costs of everything.

Ireland was never a 'cheap' country.
we pay so much more for everything.
medicine is many times dearer than other countries.
services too and supermarket prices are high in comparisons.
our health service doesn't exist so now the bucket insurance is being hit by added taxation for those who scrimp and save to have even a basic insurance for health.

remember, when the public service is on the heap and you stack on tax for the private insurance, you are gonna lose them on the insurance and add to the burden of the public sector.
flipping crazy idea that.

what about the youth of today?
yes, its impossible to do everything here and more and more the young are upping sticks and leaving.
what incentive is there really to stay?
how many people can get that education to get the job?
how educated do you want a workforce?
because that's not the way society is built or made.
we will have the tradesmen and the labourers and then the the top earners, but not all ever get the chance to hit even middle earners.
its not a life/living on the dole.

how many have queued for that handout?
i have.
degrading, tiring, and humiliating.
and the butter and beef with my plastic bag too, to be humiliated more for feeling like a beggar.

so we have essentially created chaos for years ahead.
the young are going.
less will have health insurance.
there will be more sick people due to poor services and too costly a price for medication.
this is the frantic need to bail out of the bailout no matter what.

in the process kill off the elderly and lose the young.
wonderful way to create a caring and stable society even on a small scale.
its sort of butchers morale, free thinking and enthusiasm to call yourself Irish.

Irish, no we are not at present Irish.
the way the government is treating its people is not the way we once were.
we had a caring ethos, this isn't caring.
lets see what others are saying:
the Director of Social Justice Ireland states that Budget 2014 is 'unethical'  The Irish Times.

I have the so called education but have never had a job, really.
i was unwell most of my life.
i have a state disability pension.
now we consider the increase in prescription charges for the 'free medication' and a lot isn't free and a lot is expensive.
i have 19 items on my list, some not on this medical card freebie list.
this is a huge burden out of my disability pension.
gas and electricity prices has been increased even though no one in the world had said there was a threat to oil and gas right at this point in time and despite the fact that this cost could have not been allowed happen.
so extra for heating for vulnerable and the sick.
i will feel this.
i find the winter a torrid time because a slight dip in temperature does awful things to my ailing body.
i hate it.
the expense is high, very high.
ceoliac food too is now off the prescription charge for basics and i now bake, well i did up to the time i got too darn ill to even bake a loaf and have not had bread in months.
but my crohns is calmer than ever it was, a case in point it has calmed my gut although never proven to help crohns it seems to have mine.
this means less emergency doctor visits, less medications, supplements, tests, scopes and time consuming remedies and this happens to be because i went gluten free.
this is cost effective.
it isn't cost effective to whip away something that can and should be provided for many who have such food allergies and who will never be able to stick to their diet cos they are too unwell and too poor to subsidise their food specialities.

next we have health provision.
things that have worsened my health have been legend.
all avoidable.
i now receive slightly more physiotherapy but this too for a basic injury that could have been avoided.
this injury caused by the whipping away of the special footwear i have needed now for many years.
with deformed feet trauma insult has occurred in both the Achilles tendons.
this means walking is agony and i need treatment, that i otherwise wouldn't have needed.
tell me what is more costly, to provide a woman with shoes, or to pay someone who is skilled to help this woman who cannot recover the present damage and has been told its irreversible.
this has been caused by the health service!
damage by the health service.

trauma too caused by the health service to my person has so damaged my psyche that i not only now suffer post traumatic stress disorder for the huge move i have made (stated medically) i am suffering the fall out of being a thorn in our present health service providers sides.
so much so i battled royal to save a bath but now seem to have lost the services the people who wanted me to get rid of the bath are actually paid to provide.
they are miffed mighty.

we have budgets and people and cuts and austerity damaging so much most of which is irreparable.
i would have far rather we keep a morality and sensibility about who and what people are then to crass up a rectangle of paper for which a human puts great store on so much so it crucifies so many all around the world its immoral.
we are now creating a small society of hardened people.
people who now do not care.
we are doing this to be considered good citizens of the European union.
but our first duty was to a tiny and good little island.
and we needed first to weed out the rot here in abuse cases, stigma and backward thinking.
we didn't need to join a forceful European mega power just right now.
we needed to consolidate a small independent country who is only in nappies.
but now we have gone from that gorgeous naivety of religious meaningfulness, without the abuse and institutions, but there was a christian element to the thinking of the population towards family and ones own.
now we have nothing.
we are slotted somewhere between France and Germany, Italy and Greece and all the nations trying in vain to be a great federal republic.
this will fail.
when you kill off Ireland some other country will follow in suffering.
Italy and Greece, Portugal and Spain all  now suffering.
the greatness of great Britain has been lost and people on the bottom there are availing now of the food banks more than ever before.
so this is called the 'modern age' the great European Union.
the great pie in the sky and i have just been reminded, its a FULL MOON tonight!
joy madness all told.

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